Apartment Workout: Quiet Exercises For Beginners

If you live in an apartment or other shared living space and need to be mindful of noise, there are plenty of quiet workouts you can do. Here are a few options: Bodyweight exercises: These are quiet exercises that use your own body weight as resistance, such as push-ups, squats, and lunges. They are a … Read more

Simple Stair Climbing Workout For Beginners (10 Min Workout)

People add stair workouts to their routines for lots of reasons. Usually, these reasons include improving health. Stair exercise, combined with a healthy diet, can be used to lose weight, gain strength, and improve overall health and wellness. In addition to achieving these goals, stair climbing is good cardiovascular fitness. When people use stair climbing … Read more

Apartment Friendly Workouts: Apartment Exercise Tips & Workouts

Apartment workout refers to fitness routines that you can do at home without disturbing your neighbors. It’s possible to do quiet exercises in your apartment and lucky for us, there’s a number of apartment-friendly workouts for the average city-dweller! No need to wake the baby downstairs or irritate your cranky neighbor, these routines are both … Read more