Our Product Selection Process

We know trust is earned, so we’re happy to share more about how Bodypusher creates content with links to vetted products and services.

Finding fitness information is easy. It’s everywhere. But finding trustworthy, relevant, usable information can be hard and even overwhelming. Bodypusher is changing all that. We’re making high-quality, evidence-based fitness information understandable and accessible so you can make the best decisions for yourself and the people you love.

We’re also committed to creating experiences that help you take action toward living your strongest, healthiest life. As part of the article creation process, our health and fitness editors will occasionally include links to relevant products they feel could be useful to our readers.

We Lead With Integrity

We only add links to products when we identify a need, or that it adds value to you, our readers. As health and wellness are increasingly commodified, we take care to understand the line between products, services, and tools that provide real, tangible value versus those that don’t.

Like all of our content, product reviews and articles with shopping links are editorially independent of business initiatives. Our content team independently selects products and we maintain a healthy separation between our editorial and business teams throughout the content creation process. We also enforce a robust advertising policy that ensures sponsors and business partners never influence our content.

How we select products

Our editorial team spends hours analyzing data and combing through reader feedback to understand what our readers are looking for — whether that’s a good resistance bands, the best push-up bar for the chest, or even essential gear for beginners. Then we dive into researching and vetting products and brands against our own criteria for quality, accessibility, cost, and availability to bring you recommendations for what we think offer good value for your money. We aim to create content that is balanced and objective, clearly pointing out both pros and cons of the products we include, along with transparent information on pricing.

Only after our content is published do we evaluate those recommendations for affiliate relationships with potential business partners. If you do make a purchase at the retailer’s site after clicking one of our links, we may receive a small share of the revenue from that purchase. That revenue supports our independent editorial process and helps us deliver on our mission to create a stronger, healthier world.

In instances where we do develop a business partnership with a brand or retailer, our team validates those partners to ensure Bodypusher only works with organizations that perform due diligence and are transparent to their customers regarding objective measures of product safety, quality, and efficacy.

Simply, we do the legwork — backed by a team of experts — so you don’t have to. So that you can feel confident in the choices you make for your health and well-being.