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Hi, my name is Al Johnson and I’m a home fitness enthusiast. I’m an avid reader and writer on the topic of fitness. I enjoy sharing quality knowledge and my experiences from working out in apartments and small spaces over the years.

Here’s how my jouney all began…

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My Personal Story

My fitness journey began in 2012. I was 23 pounds overweight with high cholesterol and my doctor advised me to start exercising and eating right. That motivated me to change my diet and start working out at home. I wanted to buy the Bowflex home gym but I lived in a small apartment and I knew I didn’t have enough space for it. So instead, I bought the P90X DVD from Beachbody and a set of adjustable dumbbells.

The P90X workouts were intense, but I had a lot of fun. I started seeing results and getting a few compliments along the way. I got used to having the freedom to exercise whenever I wanted to. I either worked out early in the morning or late at night before I went to bed.  It really didn’t matter because my neighbor below me was never home.

Things changed a year later when a new neighbor moved in below. Late one night I was doing my usual P90X workout in the living room. I was in a zone then suddenly I heard a knock at the door. It was my new neighbor from below and she was visibly upset but polite when she spoke to me about the noise coming from my apartment. I honestly didn’t realize how much noise I was making. I empathized with her and not too long after I joined a local gym.

I really didn’t like the gym experience. For starters, finding time to go to the gym was an issue for me because of my work schedule. And when I did go, it was overcrowded. As a result, I would end up waiting around to use certain machines. Sometimes when using the machine while working out, and others were waiting, I would rush through my routine to allow other people the use of the equipment. Traveling to and from the gym especially in inclement weather was rough. So I just stopped going.

I knew I didn’t want to go back to the gym so I needed to figure out quieter ways to workout at home and get the same results. I discovered two amazing home workout channels on YouTube called FitnessBlender and HASfit.

I began doing quiet low impact workouts such as step aerobics, bodyweight training, and resistance band training four nights a week. This new approach seemed to work because I was quickly seeing results and I never heard a complaint from my downstairs neighbor. I was so happy to be working out at home again. This was a win-win for everyone. I was able to work out quietly at home without any complaints. Since that time I never went back to the gym.

I began with these four exercise equipment:

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