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BodyPusher is a fitness resource for working out in small spaces. We recommend products and give reviews on the best type of compact workout equipment for confined living spaces. Also get home workout tips for bedrooms, living rooms, hotel rooms, and pint-sized apartments.

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    There are many benefits to working out at home rather than going to the gym. Working out at home is quicker, easier, and more convenient. And it’s cheaper. Once you have your compact exercise equipment in place, there are no monthly fees to worry about. In this post, I’ll be reviewing the twenty-one best compact exercise … Read more
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    The Reebok Fitness Deck is a versatile workout bench with 16 different types of configuration, including incline, decline, and a flat workout bench. It features a simple lock-foot adjustment, allowing the user to adjust to two different levels for workouts on a non-slip sweat-resistant surface. If you ever wanted to expand your strength training to … Read more
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    Are you looking for the best small, foldable, quiet and compact treadmills for an apartment? If so you’ve come to the right place. These small treadmills take up little space and are easier to move around from one spot to the other. You can set up one in your apartment and enjoy the comfort of … Read more
  • MaxiClimber Classic Review: Are Maxi Climbers Worth It?
    The MaxiClimber Classic is a low-impact vertical climber that facilitates a full-body workout. It weighs 33 pounds and arrives 90% assembled. Along with it comes a user manual and an assembly kit. This vertical climber lets you address three areas of fitness simultaneously. It’s good for aerobic exercise, muscle toning, and resistance training, which involves … Read more
  • 10 Best Quiet Rowing Machines for Apartments and Small Spaces 2022
    Working out from home is very convenient because you may lack time to head out to the gym or maybe you are uncomfortable doing your daily exercises in front of strangers. If you are considering setting up a home gym, then make sure to include an indoor rowing machine. Basically, this machine mimics rowing action … Read more
  • MaxPro Fitness Review
    The MaxPro fitness equipment is a small, cable-based piece of machinery. It’s similar to other cable tools found in gyms, although this folds up small enough to carry in a bag. It can execute almost any lift, notably with certain optional accessories, and it is relatively tech-friendly, making it fantastic all-in-one gym equipment. It may … Read more
  • Iron Chest Master Review 2022
    The Iron Chest Master is a push-up machine that’s designed to build and strengthen muscle using fluid movement and adjustable resistance. It is the brainchild of seven-time Mr. Natural Universe Ron Williams, who says the machine is capable of continuously challenging the muscles it engages. The Iron Chest Master is a piece of equipment that’s … Read more
  • Bowflex Home Gym Review: Is A Bowflex Home Gym Worth It?
    Okay, fitness enthusiasts, it’s well-known that Bowflex is one of the best brands for home gym equipment. Some of their products cost way over $2500, though; still, with an average of 70 workouts on a single machine, you might as well cancel your gym membership and set yourself up for home workouts for life. Here … Read more
  • 10 Best Push up Bar Equipment For 2022
    Push up equipment is a beneficial addition to your collection of home gym tools. Push up bars comes with varying features but at the end of the day, they give you the workout you need for upper body fitness. Push up bars exist to sculpt, tone, and strengthen your chest, abs, shoulders, arms, and back. … Read more
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    Working out from home is no longer the faux pas it was once considered to be. In fact, most of us prefer to get our exercise at home, which is a less expensive way to do it that also involves fewer stares than those we get at the gym. You are here because you’re looking … Read more
  • Escape Fitness Deck 2.0 Review: Multi-purpose Aerobic stepping platform
    The original Escape Deck proved itself a great all-in-one training system for various kinds of aerobic and strength training. Now the brand’s latest evolution, the Deck 2.0 takes this versatility even further with 16 different configurations and two-level height adjustment for workouts on an anti-slip rubber surface with anatomic hot spots and resistance tube channels … Read more
  • 8 Best Weight Benches for Apartments and Small Spaces 2022
    A weight bench, or fitness bench, is one of the most affordable pieces of equipment that you can get for your gym. It is basically a padded board on legs that allows you to sit or lie on so as to carry out a number of exercises such as a bench press, fly, curl, pullover, … Read more
  • OYO Personal Gym Review – Portable All In One Gym
    The OYO Personal Gym is a small portable home gym that is designed to allow you to do all of the workouts and exercises you would do at the gym in the comfort of your own home, at work, or even when you are traveling. The OYO Personal Gym (Amazon) uses NASA technology to replace heavyweights … Read more
  • Tension Toner Review – Portable Home Gym
    Tension Toner is a foldable workout bar designed to make resistance band workouts more effective. The Tension Toner workout bar has a built-in resistance that works multiple muscles at once. By keeping the bars separated under tension, it encourages you to multitask your muscles for more effective workouts. This allows you to exercise your back, … Read more
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    Okay, fitness enthusiasts, what cool tool have you got in your home gym or portable workout bags? Not all home fitness tools are designed equal; some are simple tools offering nothing beyond traditional workouts. Others are all-in-one workout tools providing the advantage of transforming any space into a complete gym without needing a lot of … Read more
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    MoonRun is a low-impact simple to use fitness device that combines resistance and cardio training to enable you to exercise in a virtual reality (VR) setting. MoonRun has appeared on respected platforms, including Forbes, New York Post, Men’s Health, Entrepreneur, and Mashable, as a helpful workout tool. MoonRun is a unique product. It is not … Read more
  • Stealth Core Trainer Review: Is the Stealth Core Trainer worth it?
    The Stealth Core Trainer by Stealth Body Fitness is the latest abdominal exercise machine to make a splash in the fitness market. It was created with the objective of making core training more interesting. It takes the plank – the simplest and yet, most challenging of all core movements – and raises the bar by … Read more
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    A treadmill can be a wonderful addition to a home gym. But most treadmills aren’t exactly small and quiet machines. That’s why so many people wonder whether it’s possible for you to have a treadmill in an upstairs apartment. Although you can have a treadmill in an upstairs apartment, keep in mind while you’re running … Read more
  • Apartment Home Gym: Weights, Power Racks, & Squat Racks
    Do you want to start weight training but you live in an apartment? As we all know when you live in an apartment you have neighbors and the side effects of using weights are noise and vibrations. So this brings us to the question, can you have weights in an apartment? You can have weights … Read more
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    Usually, we think of physical activity and physically demanding jobs as being tiring, but what is even more tiring are sedentary jobs. For decades, physical activity in the workplace has declined, and office jobs commonly keep office workers sedentary for hours at a time. We now know that our long-term physical and cognitive health are … Read more
  • Hydrow Rower Review 2021: Should You Get The Hydrow?
    Undoubtedly, the Hydrow rowing unit is a well-crafted top-class smart rowing machine and a first of its kind in the machine-based exercise industry. While there are many other devices already using the ‘virtual rowing’ and online function and features, nothing, however, transcends the quality and efficiency this unit brings. While the market is packed with … Read more
  • Compact Stairmaster: 3 Best Mini Steppers For Weight Loss
    When you’ve only got a small space to work out in at home, I understand why a mini-stair stepper looks like a great idea. After all, it’s small enough for you to easily tuck away when you’re not using it. Plus, they’re so much more fun to get in shape with than a treadmill or … Read more
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    Apartment workout refers to fitness routines that you can do at home without disturbing your neighbors. It’s possible to do quiet exercises in your apartment and lucky for us, there’s a number of apartment-friendly workouts for the average city-dweller! No need to wake the baby downstairs or irritate your cranky neighbor, these routines are both … Read more