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BodyPusher is a fitness resource for working out in small spaces. We recommend products and give reviews on the best type of compact workout equipment for confined living spaces. Also get home workout tips for bedrooms, living rooms, hotel rooms, and pint-sized apartments.

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    THE RACK Workout Station is an excellent all in one home gym that allows you to work out from the comfort of your own house. THE RACK Workout Station is small enough to carry around in your car and bring to a friend’s house if you wanted to get a good workout somewhere else, but … Read more
  • Benefits of Using Rowing Machines for Exercise
    Rowing machines are actually very good fitness equipment. If you want to enhance your workouts, consider the benefits of using a rowing machine for your exercise. Rowing Machine Health Benefits If properly done, using a rowing machine can help with: 1. Weight loss Rowing is among the most effective sports around when it comes to … Read more
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    The Total Gym is a reputable company that is known for its home and commercial fitness exercise equipment and also is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of incline bodyweight training. Total Gym provides an entire gym full of equipment in one machine and is great for all demographics ages 8-80 and from beginner to advanced fitness levels. … Read more
  • Treadmill Clearance: How Much Space Do You Need For A Treadmill?
    If you do not have a treadmill in your house, you should consider purchasing one and enjoy the convenience of working out at home. However, before heading to the store or ordering online, one of the things you should think about is whether you have adequate room for a treadmill. That leads us to the … Read more
  • Horizon Fitness Treadmill Reviews 2021: Are Horizon Treadmills Good?
    The market has a wide range of fitness items to purchase including treadmills, exercise bikes, and ellipticals. They are available in different materials, designs, and price ranges to suit different consumer needs. However, it is crucial that you go for brands that are sturdy, reliable, durable, and well-built. If you are looking for a good … Read more
  • 10 Benefits Of Working Out At Home: Convenience is CRITICAL to your success.
    Trying to decide if getting a gym membership is worth it, or if you should just work out at home? There’s no doubt that exercise is great for your body. The American Heart Association recommends getting a bare minimum of 150 minutes (or 2.5 hours) of moderate-intensity exercise each week. Ideally, you should push that number … Read more
  • 17 Best Compact Exercise Equipment for Apartments and Small Spaces
    There are many benefits to working out at home rather than going to the gym. Working out at home is quicker, easier and more convenient. And it’s cheaper. Once you have your compact exercise equipment in place, there are no monthly fees to worry about. In this post, I’ll be reviewing the fourteen best compact exercise … Read more
  • MoonRun Review: A Better Alternative To TRX Suspension Trainers
    MoonRun is a low-impact simple to use fitness device that combines resistance and cardio training to enable you to exercise in a virtual reality (VR) setting. MoonRun has appeared on respected platforms, including Forbes, New York Post, Men’s Health, Entrepreneur, and Mashable, as a helpful workout tool. MoonRun is a unique product. It is not … Read more
  • 3 Best Mats To Put Under A Treadmill On Carpet Or Hardwood Floors
    Treadmills can leave indentations and scratches on your floor in addition to vibrations and noise. This only gets worse with the intensity of your running. What Should You Put Under A Treadmill? A treadmill mat is a smart investment for your machine. Here are the best treadmill mats: TreadMat 30GS Puzzle Exercise Mat UPE Group … Read more
  • Mirror Fitness Review: Is The Mirror Worth It?
    The Mirror is a large LCD device that streams live workouts and fitness classes via an app and two-way video communication. The Mirror has similarities to Peloton. It provides you with trainer-led workouts at your convenience, similar to the wildly popular bicycle (and treadmill) system. Its users can do everything from yoga, weight training, HIIT, … Read more
  • FYT Review: How To Find Affordable Personal Trainers In Your Area 2021
    In-home training has become a popular trend considering the benefits it offers. Today, instead of signing up for a gym membership, you can hire a personal trainer to guide you through workouts from the comfort of your home. With technological advancements, you can easily find an exercise pro online. However, you cannot hire any trainer … Read more
  • Total Gym vs. TRX: Who Wins In A Head To Head?
    As an exercise fanatic, a bodybuilder, or a professional athlete, you need high-quality exercise equipment. The fitness market provides a wide range of products from different manufacturers. Whichever workouts you intend to engage, it is crucial that you find safe, well-built appliances that will challenge you to achieve more while fostering your safety at all … Read more
  • Total Gym vs. Weider Ultimate Body Works: Who Wins In A Head To Head?
    The fitness market offers a wide range of products available in varying features and prices. However, it is possible to find an affordable workout machine with useful features to help you achieve your goals. If you intend to engage in strength training, resistance appliances can help with that. Among the many brands to consider purchasing, … Read more
  • 9 Fun Exercise Equipment To Help You Lose Weight In 2021
    Okay, fitness enthusiasts, what cool tool have you got in your home gym or portable workout bags? Not all home fitness tools are designed equal; some are simple tools offering nothing beyond traditional workouts. Others are all-in-one workout tools providing the advantage of transforming any space into a complete gym without needing a lot of … Read more
  • Ergatta Review: Is the Ergatta Rower Worth It?
    While live-streamed classes are becoming more common, Ergatta takes a different approach. The company has created a rowing machine that allows people to achieve personal fitness goals through competitive racing. Using their system, you are given custom-made goals and are placed in races with users who possess similar skills. If you take the challenge, you … Read more
  • Exercise Calculator – Discover How Many Calories You Burn During A Workout
    Whether you’re trying to lose weight, or just curious about how many calories you burned during exercise. This free calculation tool will estimate your BMR, BMI, and how many calories you will burn by doing different exercises. Here’s how to use the Exercise Calorie Calculator Step1: Enter your height, weight, and age Step 2: Enter … Read more
  • Mini Elliptical: 3 Best Under-Desk Ellipticals for Weight Loss
    Are you familiar with the elliptical trainers? And no, I’m not talking about your standard ellipticals; I’m talking about mini ellipticals, the ones that you can put under your desk and exercise while doing paperwork or homework. I went through a couple of mini ellipticals over the years and finally settled with my Cubii Jr. … Read more
  • Fringe Sport Squat Rack Review: Best Squat Racks for Small Spaces
    A squat rack is an essential tool to have in your gym if you want to load more weights on your shoulders during squats. It comprises of two steel stands and a barrel. The flexible steel stands stabilize barbell weights for the user to lift. Without a squat rack, users have to reach down to … Read more
  • Fringe Sport Bumper Plates Review: Best Priced Bumper Plates For 2021
    If you are looking for badass bumper plates but don’t want to pay the typical plate prices, FringeSport has some of the best bumpers in the market. From special-purpose barbels like the power bar and weightlifting bar to competition bumpers, Milspec bumpers, and more, the company has got something for everyone looking to bulk up, … Read more
  • 10 Quiet Exercises For Apartments And Small Space To Lose Weight
    Getting to a gym is not always an easy task, especially if you work late or have small children to care for in the evenings. Running outside works great until it starts to rain or the weather becomes way too hot or frigid cold, which leaves you with only one other option: find a way … Read more
  • Gorilla Bow Review – Portable Home Gym Resistance Bands
    The Gorilla Bow is a resistance training tool that’s designed to go where you go. Fashioned after the ancient weapon, the Gorilla Bow is about as basic as it gets. It is light, easy to use, and very portable, even though its frame is rigid and cannot be folded. Most portable strength training devices (other … Read more
  • 10 Hotel Room Cardio Workouts for Travelers
    Staying fit can be a challenge if you have to travel a lot for your job. Many hotels have added workout rooms to accommodate traveler fitness, but a lot of them either do not have this amenity or you might have to take a number and wait in line to use the equipment. Fortunately, you … Read more
  • Doctors Weight Loss Review: Affordable weight loss program
    As the name suggests, Doctors Best Weight Loss is a company that offers a variety of products to help users shed extra pounds. The establishment offers programs that feature high-quality weight loss commodities and meal plans to give you an easy time deciding what to eat for a healthy body. Doctor Weight Loss continues to … Read more
  • Hydrow Rower Review 2021: Should You Get The Hydrow?
    Undoubtedly, the Hydrow rowing unit is a well-crafted top-class smart rowing machine and a first of its kind in the machine-based exercise industry. While there are many other devices already using the ‘virtual rowing’ and online function and features, nothing, however, transcends the quality and efficiency this unit brings. While the market is packed with … Read more
  • 7 Helpful Tips to Reduce Noise While Exercising In An Apartment
    After a lot of thought, you have finally gotten the courage to leave the gym life and begin a workout program at home. You’ve put together a solid workout routine after a lot of careful research and are starting to see results. As an added bonus, your wallet is even feeling thicker from the saved … Read more
  • Bedroom Workout: 9 Simple Yet Effective Exercises to Lose Weight
    Gym memberships provide several benefits including the use of workout equipment and free weights. However, you still can get a solid workout in without one. A dorm room or hotel room can be used as a workout area if you are on vacation or away at college. These simple bedroom exercises can be performed practically … Read more
  • Quick Office Workouts: Exercises At Your Desk To Lose Weight
    A major drawback to that well-paying office job is the fact that those long days of sitting are likely to have a murderous effect on your overall health and fitness. Though some major corporations provide gymnasiums for their employees most do not. Consequently, staying fit is something you are going to have to provide for … Read more