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Mirror Fitness Review: Is The Mirror Worth It?

The Mirror is a large LCD device that streams live workouts and fitness classes via an app and two-way video communication. The Mirror has similarities to Peloton. It provides you with trainer-led workouts at your convenience, similar to the wildly popular bicycle (and treadmill) system.

Its users can do everything from yoga, weight training, HIIT, Pilates with Mirror (launched in 2018). You only designate a portion of the wall for the device instead of finding a place to store a bulky bike.

It has always been difficult for many home fitness enthusiasts to monitor their form when doing workouts. The Mirror takes care of this challenge by letting you see your reflection and the instructor at the same time. It’s a game-changer.

Mirror Review

LCD Display40″ (1080p)
Front Camera 5 Megapixels
Speakers10-Watt Speakers (2)
iOS and Android CompatibilityYes
Weight70 lbs.
Dimensions52 x 22 x 1.4 in.
Subscription (required)$39/month (must start with a total year commitment)
Warranty30-day risk-free trial and 1-year warranty
Accessories Includedwall mount, stand, glass cleaners, heart rate monitor, resistance bands, lens cover for privacy
VideosFitness videos and 70 live classes every week.
Courses last 15-30 minutes but can also last up to an hour.

Special 30-Day Risk-Free Home Trial means you can try out The Mirror in your own home worry-free. If you decide it’s not for you, they’ll pick it up and give you a full refund on your order – no questions asked!


Easy setup -The delivery service from Mirror simplifies the setup. You get a professionally mounted Mirror to your wall in less than that, and all you have to do is plug it in.

It fits into small spaces – In a small apartment, there isn’t much room for workout equipment. One of the most beneficial aspects of the Mirror is that it doesn’t occupy as much space as a Peloton Bike or Tread.

It occupies the same amount of wall space as a floor mirror. It measures 52 by 22 by 1.4 inches (HWD). Despite its weight of 70 pounds, the mount included allows it to feel sturdy and secure.

Impressive design – It has a sleek, modern design. Mineral bronze powder coating gives the carbon steel frame a subtle appearance that will complement various home decor styles. When it’s not in use for exercise, it’s a superb piece of décor.

Highly functional – The Mirror has strong programming, thoughtful details, and an almost seamless user experience. From a live Bootcamp to an abs-focused class, every class you take is engaging and well-paced. Participants are encouraged to use the Mirror to inspect their positioning as part of the instructors’ routine discussion of form considerations.

Fun and entertaining – After taking more classes and observing more trainers, you become aware of their personalities. Each trainer’s favorite songs are displayed within their profile in the app. You can play these songs instantly and buy things you like via the “Things I Like” page, which usually consists of workout clothing.

Pregnant and post-partum routines – A program offered for pregnant and post-partum women are included. Lessons are taught by experienced instructors. The use of an expert could seem obvious, but it isn’t always the case for this demographic.

1:1 training – You can arrange one-on-one training sessions with a personal trainer using the Mirror’s camera and microphone for $40 each. Friends and family can join your session can be joined without additional charges.

Good contrast and resolution – Despite the reflection being almost too perfect, many users like the Mirror’s and screen’s pleasing contrast and resolution.

One account many users – A household can have up to six members working out on one account (including the account holder).

Easy pairing – A heart-rate monitor can be used with the Mirror and an Apple Watch (it connected quickly during our tests). Connecting wireless headphones to the Mirror is as easy as pairing them with the heart rate monitor. About half of the time, they connect on the first try.

Music – If noise is not a concern in your home, then the Mirror’s onboard speakers are a good choice. You can stream music from Spotify and other accounts. However, beware that other equipment and setups may affect pairing reliability.


Mandatory subscription – You may find the hardware component of the Mirror experience to be the least valuable part of the experience. During classes, the teachers offer knowledge and are friendly and approachable, but all of these features can be accessed on any screen. With a Mirror subscription, you get access to Mirror Digital, a service that lets you work out on a tablet, phone, or TV device while on the go or at home.

High costs – One of the most significant flaws of The Mirror is its high cost, which isn’t for everyone. The price of a new Mirror is nearly $2,213 in your first year of ownership (given the newness of the device, used Mirrors are unlikely to be found), which is generally the cost of enrollment at a top-notch fitness center like Equinox. The breakdown of costs is as follows:

  • Mirror: $1,495
  • Delivery & installation (recommended): $250
  • Monthly subscription (required): $39 ($484 annually)
  • First-year total (minus tax): $2,213

Also, the Mirror hasn’t been around that long. When you buy it, you are counting on the manufacturer to stay in business long enough to provide ongoing service and content so you can enjoy the device.

Privacy concerns – Mirror has both a camera and microphone, so some people may not appreciate the possible infringement on their privacy. Users can turn off the microphone and camera of the Mirror directly from an app. However, the system can turn them on automatically at the beginning of sessions and (optionally) turn them off at the end. It is not possible to record workouts.

Is the Mirror worth it?

If you like home fitness, you may find it worth the investment compared to crowded gyms and pricey fitness studios. The Mirror gives you the ability to check your form while streaming thousands of live and on-demand exercise classes. The machine offers a diverse mix of full-body workouts that are suitable for individuals of all fitness levels. It also doubles as a full-length mirror with a modern, sleek design for your décor needs.

Mirror offers many classes and routines. If you choose strength training classes, you can use the resistance bands from the starter pack. Although the workouts are not easy, you will feel confident in executing the exercises correctly after the instructor demonstrates various angles.

You get a summary of your performance at the end of each workout. The Mirror displays your average heart rate, the length of time you worked out, and the number of calories you burned. The data is displayed in an easy-to-digest visual graph format.

Mirror makes it hard to become bored with exercise with its live and on-demand classes. This is an excellent option for apartment dwellers with limited space and an inability to afford gym memberships.

Mirror allows you to work out even during your busiest days since you can take classes conveniently and at home. Exercise with the instructors is fun. It helps you target your heart rate zones and stay on top of your form by reflecting upon your movements.

When not in use, the Mirror looks like an ordinary mirror, subtly integrated into the background. An excellent balance of design and function makes it a welcome addition to your living room.

Can the instructor see you in the Mirror?

Instructors can see and watch you in the Mirror even as you see yourself execute the routines. It’s met to feel like a boutique fitness studio in your home.

The idea of someone watching your workout encourages you to remain on track. Your instructor can shout at you when you malinger around during a class, encouraging you to keep going.

They film live classes in black backgrounds, which creates an environment free of distractions, allowing each student to focus solely on their metrics and form. It is possible to see information like a person’s name and city from the display, but you cannot see their physical location.

Can you use the Mirror without a subscription?

The Mirror is virtually useless without a subscription—it’s just a reflective piece of decor. The Mirror’s content, not its form, is what makes it more valuable.

The Mirror Alternatives

1. Echelon Reflect

Echelon Reflect is a device with a similar design and functionality to the Mirror. It offers fitness training in live and on-demand classes.

Their program includes yoga, boxing, aerobics, Pilates, strength training, and stretching. There are various workout classes you can choose from, depending on your fitness level. It’s not cheap. A 50-inch model costing $1,639.98 and a 40-inch model costing $1,039.98, plus a course subscription that costs extra.

It resembles a normal mirror when not in use. Echelon’s Mirror has been coated with Nano Crystal, and the glass is fingerprint-resistant. The platform offers between seven and ten live classes each weekday and slightly fewer on weekends. You can find on-demand options for almost any class if you can’t locate a live class that meets your schedule and interests you.

The Echelon Reflect comes in two versions, and their flagship model (Reflect 50 Touch) has a touchscreen. Unlike Mirror, its users don’t have to deal with a separate controller when using this world-class touchscreen to toggle through settings.

2. Tempo

Tempo has the same design and function concept as the Mirror and Echelon Reflect. It offers unmatched weightlifting workouts, but they offer much more than strength training. They offer mobility HIIT, cardio, and recovery classes personalized training from world-class instructors for a well-rounded fitness program.

While working out, you’ll see Tempo’s live trainers on the screen and get real-time feedback from the trainer on how to fix your form and improve results. Besides the rep count and pace, the display will show your heart rate zones as well. Your results will also show over time how many calories you burned and how many pounds you lifted.

To receive the most relevant feedback from the Tempo Starter, you will need a clearance of eight feet in front of the mirror. You’ll also be prompted to lift a certain amount of weight for each exercise to guarantee that you’re continuing to keep your skills sharp all the time without overdoing it.

The display is 42 inches tall and 4K-ready. Unlike Mirror, Temple has a touch screen functionality. Approximately 72 inches high, 26 inches wide, and 16 inches deep

This product costs $2,495 but is financed with 69 monthly payments. Though it’s more expensive than Mirror, you receive many weights and accessories that will let you continue to increase your challenges as you progress. For someone with an extensive collection of equipment, Mirror might be a good choice, but Tempo offers all-in-one convenience.

3. Tonal

Weight training rather than cardio is what makes Tonal unique in this field. Rather than occupy an entire corner of your room, this machine mounts flush to the wall rather than making a bulky impression. Also, it is more likely to be used as a coat rack without having to buy extra arms.

Tonal’s pitch is that their on-demand personal trainers will replace the gym’s trainers. The wall fitness heat costs $2,995 plus a monthly subscription. It’s been a few months now since I’ve been using Tonal, and while it has a lot of potentials, it also has many quirks and problems.

There are electromagnets in the Tonal that generate resistance. This allows you to pull or push 100 lbs. per arm or 200 lbs together. Tonal requires you to complete a strength test before you can use it. It automatically adjusts the resistance in each program and suggests weights based on how much speed and force you can lift.

Tonal is more of a weight lifting machine than a workout Mirror. It is an impressive weightlifting mirror-gear combination, but it’s not as impressive as the Mirror when it comes to content selection. Among the exercises available on Tonal are strength training, dance, yoga, cardio, and kickboxing.

Using the Mirror

The device comes with a 25-foot Ethernet cable and can also be used with dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi. When in use, the device is best placed near Wi-Fi routers for best streaming quality, just as you would.

Because the Mirror is not a touch screen, you must control it with your smartphone. A switch at the bottom powers the Mirror itself, so turn this on and don’t touch anything until the logo appears. Once you have opened the app, verify that your Mirror is connected correctly via Wi-Fi. A disconnected icon appears at the top right corner of the screen if your phone ever disconnects.

The app comprises five tabs Home, Live, Progress, Classes, and Settings. Access your workout history and fitness goals from the Home tab. The section curates your workouts after you take a survey answering questions on your fitness goals, limitations, and skills,

The Classes tab allows you to view all the available physical classes, including a half-dozen categories including barre, cardio, boxing chair, dance, Pilates, kickboxing pre/postnatal, stretch strength toning, and yoga.

You can find different plans with varying levels of difficulty in the Programs section. Under the Settings tab, there are three available options that all offer various workouts organized by themes like Beginners and 15 Minute Favorites.

You will find Live Classes under the Live Tab and are organized by day and time. You also can access your weekly stats and workout log via the Progress tab.

By clicking Settings on the shortcut menu, you get to easily connect extras to the Mirror, including your heart rate monitor, fitness trackers, and a lot more.

If you’re looking for the best workouts, you can filter them by difficulty, genre, instructor duration, and equipment. For more details on the workout and the instructor, click on the class you’re interested in. A list at the bottom of the page tells you how long and what exercises you will be doing.

A Spotify account is required to listen to music on the Mirror. You can link your Spotify account to the app through Settings and choose the playlist you would like to listen to while working out. You could also listen to your instructor’s Spotify playlist while you’re working out.

Working Out with the Mirror

You watch the instructor on the Mirror and “mirror” what they do even as you keep an eye on your form. It is the instructor who demonstrates new exercises and explains them throughout the workout. In the left corner of the screen, a timer appears every time you begin an exercise or move.

The Mirror makes it easy for you to check that you’re performing the exercises correctly. It also displays metrics for calories burned and heartbeat rate at the bottom of the display.

In addition, there is a heart rate meter shows where your heart rate should be at any interval during the workout. You can then determine whether you need to increase or decrease the intensity according to the target.

Critical Design Choices and Usability

Installers must use a wall-mounting bracket and anchor to install the Mirrors. This must be done by a professional. You plug the Mirror into a wall with a 1-foot or 6-foot power cord. It does not matter how big the Mirror is, but you should be able to move around it and have space to set up a yoga mat in front of it.

The app was initially only available for iOS devices but is now also available for Android devices. It requires an email address and the configuration of a profile.

Among other things, you will have to provide your bio information, the number of times you work out, your primary goals, and your favorite classes during the setup process.

Even though a heart rate monitor is not mandatory to use the Mirror, it can help you maximize your workout. If you wear it live, your instructor can observe your heart rate and encourage you if necessary.

Mirror Workout

You can access thousands of workout sessions on demand when you pair the device with the Mirror app. There is a pure black background behind professional trainers who guide you through 15 minutes to one-hour classes. The music and instructor’s voice can be adjusted to match the playlists on Mirror or your own Spotify account.

In the past, Mirror provided scheduled live broadcasts before the pandemic. They have put these on hold while they practice social distance.

Live sessions were monitored by instructors who provided encouragement and checked your heart rate. The live feedback loop kept many returning to the Mirror.

The Mirror displays other students who are taking the same class as you. Upon finishing a workout, instructors can send emojis and post selfies to interact and respond to students’ comments. The simulation can make you feel more connected than a YouTube video, even though I did not have friends.

A remote personal training session can be arranged for $40 per session. Although the exercises on Mirror may require some equipment, they can often be done without it.

Its advanced exercises will need you to have jump ropes, Kettlebells, resistance bands, and flexibility ladders. These items are unlikely to be in the homes of fitness beginners.

Many people simply use the Mirror for equipment-free workouts. Mirror provides a variety of classes, ranging from yoga to strength training. The difficulty levels are from easy to challenging.

The device is designed with logarithmic progression tracking capabilities. Based on what you have been doing, the Progress tab will furnish you with comprehensive workout stats and keep you accountable for your goals.

In addition to on-demand and live classes, there is a “Family Fun” section that encourages kids to join in the sweaty fun. Live classes are halted, but thousands of recordings remain available on the platform.

Performance Measurements

Easy functionality 4.5 stars

With the device installed in your bedroom or living room, getting started is easy. Using the app as your hub and remote, you log into it and access everything Mirror. You can filter the workout library by difficulty level, equipment instructor, and duration, so you’ll indeed find what you’re looking for.

Engagement 5 stars

You can see and even connect to people in your class at any moment by viewing the names, icons, and locations on the left. As tutors on Mirror teach live classes, they address students by name. Live and recorded workout classes are stored in the Mirror’s database. As a result, no classes will be missed.

Those who complete the training get to post congratulatory selfies at the end of the session. People do this a lot. Additionally, you can add emojis, friends, and comments to routines, as well as share your completed sessions with friends.

Leading instructors 4 stars

The instructors are among the best in the country. Nike leading trainer Alex Silver Fagan is a member of Mirror. Additionally, Mirror recently teamed up with Tracy Anderson for a workout series. If you have the money, you can request a personal training session with her.

Compatibility 4 stars

You can sync your Apple Watch to have the correct information when calculating your heart rate during a workout.

Who is it for?

If you prefer a home-based workout option rather than taking expensive classes or paying for a gym membership, the Mirror may be the right choice for you. In addition to reflection, the device also offers a boutique-studio personalized- workout experience, which speaks to a specific audience of fitness enthusiasts.

Who is it not for?

For some people working out in front of a mirror takes some getting used to. Sometimes you are out of the frame and unable to see the instructor. If you are overly self-aware, you may find it hard to work out while looking at yourself.

The Mirror is a lot of fun. Using it feels exclusive and cool, similar to getting access to all the top fitness studios, with its beefed-up functionality and its massive size that set it apart from typical streaming scenarios. Workouts are well-thought-out and will meet your expectations. Class info provides a list of exercises and how long you will perform them.

The Mirror is a large LCD device that streams live workouts and fitness classes via an app and two-way video communication. The Mirror has similarities to Peloton. It provides you with trainer-led workouts at your convenience, similar to the wildly popular bicycle (and treadmill) system.

Its users can do everything from yoga, weight training, HIIT, Pilates with Mirror (launched in 2018). You only designate a portion of the wall for the device instead of finding a place to store a bulky bike.

It has always been difficult for many home fitness enthusiasts to monitor their form when doing workouts. The Mirror takes care of this challenge by letting you see your reflection and the instructor at the same time. It’s a game-changer.

A vibrant, 40-inch 1080p display in the middle of the device and an additional five-megapixel camera on the top let you take selfies and stream training sessions.

A lens cover automatically flips over the camera to allow for privacy if you prefer anonymity. There are two excellent 10-watt speakers at the bottom of the device for music. Power cables are attached to the Mirror along with the switch.

Accessories it comes With

Additionally, it comes with free accessories, such as resistance bands, cleaning kits, and a Bluetooth heart rate monitor. A heart rate monitor is available from Mirror, an adjustable strap, and a central sensor with a branded monogram. You can lean the unit against the wall rather than mount it using the included wall mount and carbon steel stand.


A Mirror app (iOS and Android) is required to use Mirror. It offers unlimited access to class recordings on-demand and lives. Additional profiles can be added for up to five members of your household. Mirror was designed to be integrated with third-party applications, wearable heart rate monitors, Apple Watch, and Apple Health.