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3 Best Mini Exercise Bikes: Portable, Compact Bikes for Small Spaces

Your search for the best mini exercise bike brought you here, so let’s make the best of it, shall we? It’s a tough job looking for a desk peddler because you only want the best — something that you can carry around without its durability compromised.

The 3 Best Mini Exercise Bikes Are:

If you ask me, my vote goes to the DeskCycle Under Desk Exercise Bike and Pedal Exerciser. I am a big fan of its smooth pedal motion, which makes pedaling something like an unconscious activity. So even while at work, it doesn’t feel like I’m working out at all.

We’ll discuss more of this mini exercise bike below along with my other top picks.

Mini Exercise Bike Review

1. DeskCycle

If you want a machine that you can use while working, the DeskCycle is an excellent mini bike of choice. With its low profile design, it can fit under your office desk without banging your knees up the table. It’s not exactly a budget mini exercise bike, but its advanced features make up for its hefty price, which you can seldom find on other models.

According to the makers of the DeskCycle pedal exerciser, it’s got the lowest pedal height when compared to other indoor bikes. It’s only 24cm short, so if your desk is somewhere below 70cm, you still get to use it without a hitch.

This exercise bike is also quite to use, thanks to its magnetic machine. This means that the bike doesn’t use friction to improve resistance. It’s got eight resistance channels, which if you ask me, makes a good challenge. If you’re something of a pro peddler, however, you’ll find it easy to use.

You’ll love the DeskCycle’s handy LCD display as much as I do. This is where you can see the speed, distance, time, and calories burned. What’s great is that you can place the display on your desk so you can check it now and then.

2. MagneTrainer

Another one of my favorites is the MagneTrainer-ER arm and leg exerciser. This compact and lightweight mini exercise bike is one of the best products you can find on the market due to its incredible magnetic resistance, strong steel frame, and broad base. Not only your feet and legs will benefit from this mini bike, but also your hands and arms too. It will greatly diversify your training routine.

Because of its compact design, you can place it anywhere around your house. Because it’s very light, you’ll benefit from its portability. You can take it with you to the office or even while taking a break somewhere in the Bahamas.

I particularly the base of the pedals because they’re wide, ensuring comfortable pedaling. If you’re worried about your big foot size, the base comes with Velcro straps, so you can adjust it easily and accommodate your feet.

The MagneTrainer-ER also has a convenient display so you can keep track of your progress. It displays the calories burned, time, and distance.

Tone up your arms and legs with this amazing, compact mini exercise bike. It will ensure you of the best results if you use it regularly, whether you place it on a tabletop or below your desk.

3. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418

Sunny Health and Fitness are makers of high-quality health and fitness products for almost two decades now. This simply means that the company has helped many people achieve their fitness goals, including you.

One of their finest exercise equipment is the SF-B0418 mini exercise bike, which from the looks alone is already your own reliable gym machine. This small but efficient mini exercise bike has an LCD display that will show how many calories have been burnt, your ODM, speed, and distance. It’s quite a sturdy machine for its price. Among the three mini exercise bikes reviewed here, the SF-B0418 has the most affordable price.

This mini peddler has a micro-tension controller that has eight levels so you can adjust your pace and speed to your liking. It has wide non-slip foot and hand pedals to accommodate all sizes and with a secure grip to ensure safe footing even when pedaling vigorously. To keep your foot or hand in place, the durable plastic strap comes in handy.

Designed to be portable and to enhance your performance, this machine has a magnetic system, which means you can work out without the annoying noise. In fact, you can bring it to the office with you and it won’t bother your work.

This mini exercise bike is built to last a long time, so to say that it provides great value for your money is an understatement.

Benefits of Using a Mini Exercise Bike

Even without a seat or handlebars, a mini exercise bike can be as useful as a full-size bike. Below are the benefits of using a mini exercise bike.

Fits Under a Desk or Table

Because there is no large frame or sear in the way, operating a mini exercise bike is easier. You only need to sit down and work your legs on it, or place the unit on a desk or table, or any other stable surface.

Rehabilitation and Recovery

It’s particularly useful if you’re recovering from a procedure or an injury. A mini exercise bike targets specific areas of the body better due to the fact that you don’t have to work your entire body out the way traditional exercise bikes require you to do.

If you’re using a mini exercise bike for rehabilitation, talk to your physician first.

Leg & Arm Resistance Training

There are several ways used to produce resistance to your cycling activity. It is this resistance that determines the amount of energy you need to exert whenever using a mini exercise pedal. Most mini exercise bikes are built with a magnetic resistance unit, which works better if you want it to last long and something that doesn’t make any noise.

With a mini exercise bike, you can adjust the resistance easier than manual, friction-type units, enabling you to set the pace to improve your performance.

It’s Lightweight and Portable

Mini-exercise bikes are the primary choice for those who don’t want anything that’s bulky or heavy. In fact, this is its selling point – it’s lightweight and portability features. Mini exercise bikes typically only weigh a few pounds, making them easier to carry around no matter where you go. This means that you get to exercise whenever, wherever, even if you’re at the office.

Another benefit of being light in weight is that you can store it anywhere without hassle. If your place isn’t that big, you will benefit greatly from owning a mini exercise bike because storing it away is conveniently done.

What Muscles Does a Mini Exercise Bike Work?

  • The muscles worked with a mini exercise bike are quite the same as those working with a recumbent bike. The quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, glutes, and hips flexors are all active whenever you are pedaling. If your mini exercise bike has a resistance feature, you can adjust the intensity of your workout, which results in a more engaging and powerful lower body muscle workout.
  • Pedal exercisers are also great when it comes to improving your upper body strength. Some mini exercise bikes can be placed on a tabletop or desk in order for the arms and hands to be engaged in a cycling motion. During this activity, your forearms, shoulders, triceps, and biceps are worked out. You can increase the intensity of your workout by turning up the resistance level of your unit.

Are Mini Exercise Bikes Any Good?

Mini bikes have been around for a while, but are often overlooked because of its small size and lack of frame. That’s understandable, but for a lot of us struggling with time in between chores, a mini exercise bike is a valuable investment.

A mini exercise bike is definitely worth it, especially if you have a sedentary job or must be seated for long periods of time. Pedaling or moving your arms in a cycling motion is not a replacement for intense workouts such as circuit training, but it’s better than remaining stationary and not making the effort of breaking a sweat the whole day.

A mini exercise bike is also time-efficient. If you’ve been planning to go to the gym but your schedule won’t let you, a pedal under your desk while working might just do the trick.

The three models above should provide you with the chance to have that much-needed work. Have you made a choice yet?


Obviously, these mini-units won’t give you a high-intensity workout. However, the results are still beneficial if you ensure to work out at least 150 minutes per week. You will get an aerobic workout that’s easy on the joints, but intense enough to help you break a sweat. Not only will it help you lose weight, but your mood will also improve.