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Ergatta Rowing Machine Review: Is Ergatta a good workout?

While live-streamed classes are becoming more common, Ergatta takes a different approach. The company has created a rowing machine that allows people to achieve personal fitness goals through competitive racing. Using their system, you are given custom-made goals and are placed in races with users who possess similar skills. If you take the challenge, you can compete against others who have taken it.


  • More than 500 Ergatta users to compete with
  • Four games
  • 1,000 workouts
  • 15 diverse Meteor workouts
  • Estimated 800 calories burned
  • It has real water for resistance
  • It is a quiet machine
  • folds upright
  • is lightweight, easy to transport
  • The AI-based interface considers your fitness level during workouts and races.
  • It Simulates rowing outdoors
  • It Is integrable with heart rate monitors and Bluetooth headphones


  • It is expensive than most rowers
  • It has no live workouts or rowing classes
Ergatta is always running different discounts and promotions, so check out their official website for the latest deals.

Ergatta Rowing Machine Design Features

Unlike traditional gym equipment, Ergatta rowers are hand-built by a forward-thinking Brooklyn-based company. It excels in aesthetics. It looks like a piece of well-made furniture and not a gym machine.

Ergatta is a water rowing machine – The rowing motion feels fluid and precise, as you’d expect from a high-quality wooden water rower. With each stroke, the machine spins soothingly, producing a restful sound.

Ergatta is quieter than air rowers – This machine is a lot quieter than air rowers. It allows you to get the feel of rowing on the water. Just like when in a real-life boat, the resistance varies according to the speed you row. On Ergatta, resistance increases as you move faster. You can also modify resistance by reducing or adding water to the tank. Even so, filling/replacing the tank is not as easy as pushing a button like other rowers.

The training monitor – Even beginners should not ignore the importance of having an easily readable computer screen when training. Especially when working hard, athletes do not want to laboriously stare at the screen but first want to focus on the motions. Ergatta’s big monitor sits just right. Not too high, not too low.

The tablet on the rower is 17.3 inches large. It adds a touch of modernity to the wooden machine. There are six available music settings: classic rock, high-tempo pop, mid-tempo dance, hip-hop, or no music. You can connect a pair of Bluetooth headphones to the tablet to listen to the music you love.

Ergatta rower storage – Generally, rowers are very long, which is why folding them is important. For this reason, the Ergatta machine doesn’t take up very much space. In addition, you can stand the rower vertically against the wall, or horizontally on the floor, to save space. This also makes the machine more stable.

Classes and training programs – The Ergatta doesn’t have training classes. Instead, you get gaming that lets you compete with other users. This keeps things exciting. It keeps you working towards your goals. Exercises can thus be adapted and intensified according to the user’s preferences and fitness level. Therefore, rowing training can be done effectively and efficiently.

Bluetooth connectivity – You can connect this rowing machine to any device via Bluetooth. You can connect heart rate measuring devices or media players. Such extras prevent boredom and provide variety.

Note: Ergatta rowing machines do not include a heart rate monitor. However, you can connect a heart rate monitor to it using Bluetooth. It will help to monitor calories burned during rowing.

Robust construction – In addition to the frame structure and dimensions, its large footprint ensures a lower tipping risk. The stability of this machine ensures high weight-carrying capacity. It will carry 500lbs like nothing.

Is Ergatta a good workout?

With Ergatta’s rowing training, you can not only strengthen your arms and shoulders. Your abdomen, legs, torso, back, and buttocks will also benefit. The Ergatta rower is, therefore, suitable for a full-body workout.

In everyday life, a strong back is essential for walking and sitting upright. In addition to strengthening your back muscles, the Ergatta rowing machine also defines them. It gives an excellent visual result without the need to resort to other exercises.

  • Your muscles of the back (particularly the latissimus)
  • Your shoulder muscles
  • Your Triceps, Biceps, and forearms (both arms)
  • Leg muscles (especially those of the thighs)
  • Your abdomen, finger flexors, knee flexors, glutes, and neck

Legs isolations

With the oar in hand, bend your knees, and focus your weight on your feet. This is called the “the catch” position. As your back straightens and your core is engaged, extend your legs, keeping your arms extended throughout, and push back using only your legs.

Arm isolations

When you feel comfortable pushing with your legs, concentrate on pushing with your arms only. Straighten your legs along with outstretched elbows. Slide the oar under your chest. Pull the oar toward yourself with the same muscles you use in bent-over rowing.

Legs and arms

Push back with your lower body first, then pull your hands toward to chest. Keep your back straight, your core engaged, and your feet firmly in the straps. Release your own arms toward the base and also bend your knees, returning you to the starting position. Concentrate on your legs and arms.

Ergatta Rower Specs

  • Dimensions when stored: 86″ L x 23 “W x 22.5” H
  • Dimensions when in use : 86 “L x 23” W x 40 “H
  • Weight with no water: 76.5 lbs.
  • Weight when there is water: 103 lbs.
  • Max supported weight: 500lbs.
  • 17.3-inch display tablet
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
Ergatta is always running different discounts and promotions, so check out their official website for the latest deals.

Ergatta’s Internet-Connected Home Fitness System

Gamified Workouts

With Ergatta rower, you’ll turn your workout into a game. Approximately they add five new workouts every week on Ergatta. This offers interval sprints, virtual races, and other training programs that are goal-oriented. You can choose from various games to spice up your sessions.

Online, you are paired with eight other users of equivalent fitness levels. You can complete your training virtually. While you race, you can keep track of where you stand compared to your competition, giving you extra motivation to achieve success.


An integrated 17.3″ HD touch monitor makes the experience immersive and interactive. Furthermore, they realize that this equipment is just a tiny part of your fitness journey. They have designed Ergatta for seamless integration with other devices such as heart rate monitor, headphones, or speakers. The rower can be seamlessly fit into your entire fitness ecosystem.

Seamless training

Ergatta makes working out feel like playing an exciting video game. You can control your avatar, a ball, in the game by rowing hard or slow. There are various levels of hardness for each of the tracks. The ball glides along with each level. After completing the games, you can see your standing against your opponents.

You never realize how hard you are working until the game is over. You get to focus on your goals. In addition to competitive rowing, there is Open Row, where you can pick your own time or distance and row at your own pace.

The workouts are diverse

Ergatta workout platform is a gaming system that offers virtual races, interval sprints, goal-oriented training programs, and a selection of many games.

You can track metrics

In addition to tracking your split times, elapsed times, power, distance, and estimated calories burned, you can also see your heart rate if you connect a heart rate monitor.

It has real water for resistance.

It comes with actual water, which gives you a realistic rowing experience. This machine dynamically scales when you exert more effort and protects your back.

It is a quiet machine.

This machine is quiet and soothing, making it appropriate to use anywhere in the home without waking up the neighbors.

It’s highly aesthetic.

There are many options to choose from when selecting a rower for your home. It fits into any workout area, including your living room and dedicated gym.

Ergatta is always running different discounts and promotions, so check out their official website for the latest deals.

Top Ergatta Alternatives

There are several different types of rowers on the market, and the best of them generally include:


This is not just a Peloton replica. It is likely one of the best rowing machines in reviews. The Hydrow offers live and on-demand workouts you can follow along with from the comfort of your home.

Hydrow’s rowing machine simulates the smooth feeling of rowing on water through an algorithm. The chair is nearly silent when in use with this technology. The seat itself barely makes any sound as it moves up and down smoothly with 12 foam rollers built into it.

A digital workout machine of this caliber offers every feature you expect. Features include a 22-inch touchscreen display and a 240-times-per-second auto-adjusting drag mechanism. It also has front-facing speakers that let you hear the instructors or the music with cutting-edge clarity.

Just like Ergatta rower, Hydrow has a sleek and curvy design. Even when not in use, this is an attractive piece of exercising gear, unlike other large pieces of fitness equipment.

Unlike Ergatta rower, Hydrow offers thousands of classes from beginner through to advanced level competitions. The rower also offers many mat exercises, so users do not have to row every day. Just like Ergatta, expect to pay a premium for Hydrow’s leading-edge features. They go at $2,245 plus a $63 monthly subscription.


An innovative air rower for indoor use, Concept 2 sets a high standard for in-home rowing. This rowing machine is one of the more basic rowing machines on the market. Several brands have introduced models with technical features. This is one of the most popular rowers and a worthwhile contender/alternative to Ergatta rower.

In most modern gyms, you will likely find Concept 2 as the primary rower. A majority of professionals often choose to work with it. However, they often refer to it as an ergometer rather than a rower or rowing machine.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this machine does deliver a powerful workout each time. It is well known to handle the toughest workout. The seat is relatively narrow but is excellent for heavier users.

Air resistance rowers are generally loud, beware. Concept 2 won’t be a suitable addition to your home gym if noise bothers you. Concept 2 is cheaper than both Ergatta and Hydrow. At $900, you get a piece of equipment revered by both amateurs and professionals. However, you won’t receive any high-tech features.

Concept 2 is designed for consistent daily use. The rower is built with aluminum legs on the front and steel legs on the back. It has an aluminum monorail plus stainless-steel tracking all around.

This device is durable. Even so, it doesn’t include sophisticated software features. A variety of training options are available, including resistance levels and different heart-rate zones.

What sets Ergatta apart from its competitors?


Unlike other rowers, Ergatta sits higher on the price spectrum. It costs $2,199, plus $199 for shipping and installation. The gaming platform will set you back $29 per month/ $290 for the year. Customers can return products within 30 days.


While many people compare Ergatta to other rowers, Ergatta is not a fitness class facilitator. Ergatta offers more high-quality fitness gaming content than at-home rowing machines do.

Dynamic workouts

The idea is that gamification makes exercise programs more engaging. The routines are dynamic, goal-based, and motivating to keep people exercising. They are much unlike live classes offered by other rowers. The company currently offers roughly 1,000 workouts broken down into four types of games, though they are constantly adding new workouts and improving existing ones to keep users interested., Ergatta takes a different approach than Peloton, which allows you to stream live and on-demand classes from home.

Competitive workouts

If you wish, you’ll be paired up with others who are at similar fitness levels. That makes it possible to compete against like-minded people. As you progress further through fitness levels and achievements, you will unlock new games and workouts.

Worthy cause

Each month, users can participate in a challenge to donate $5 to a different charity. Members who complete the challenge receive $5 for each one they complete. Meteor Mania’s challenge occurred in February 2021, asking users to complete 15 Meteor workouts, an inbuilt workout type on the platform. Donations went to charity.

Sturdy equipment

Ergatta’s rower is capable of supporting up to 500 pounds and up to 6′ 8″ tall individuals. It is compact when stored and has wheels on the back and this makes moving and storing the rowing machine easy.

Can you use Ergatta without membership?

Having a membership is not needed to use Ergatta, but it is highly recommended. Without a membership, you will still be able to use your tablet for its basic functionality but you won’t be able to access their personalized workout library, racing, or your saved workout history.

Who is it for?

Ergatta isn’t for everyone. Fitness classes aren’t liked by half of the fitness industry. Therefore, this is an excellent choice for people who don’t like working out in a class, nor do they like being shouted at by their instructor.

All things considered, this can be the right rower if you:

  • Need unique content experience not found in most other connected fitness devices available today
  • Don’t want to deal with overly enthusiastic fitness instructors or classes
  • Weigh more than 500 pounds and are looking for a capable machine
  • Are a fitness trainer who uses your machine daily need a machine they can rely on
  • Desire to focus on their sport without distractions from technology
  • Are looking for something compact and elegant

Who is it NOT for?

The Ergatta rower isn’t the right system for people who are searching for a variety of workout coaching options. Also, Ergatta doesn’t provide off-the-rower exercises, so working out on the rower is the only option.

The rowing games and competition are all you get. You’re going to need to hit up YouTube if you’re keen on live classes or coaching. The connected workout experience on the Ergatta rower only appeals to people who love competition. This may not be the best rower if you:

  • Are looking for rowing classes
  • Don’t need games that keep you more motivated
  • Don’t like to compete in challenge groups or head-to-head
  • Prefer not to exercise at home

Is the Ergatta Rower Worth It?

Ergatta is top among the most expensive rowing machines for home use. Still, it is well worth the price tag if you can afford it. Its eye-catching design, smooth performance, and gaming-based programming are worth the salt. Then again, most people would prefer exercising equipment that they can keep in their living room. With Ergatta, one does not need the garage. It is worth showing off.

Moreover, the programming options on this device are unique and varied. The games surely motivate you if you do not have an intrinsic motivation to work out.

Rowing is arguably the best workout for staying fit and building muscles. Many analyses, product tests, and practice tests confirm these. You can use the rowing machine for endurance training or focused muscle training. The combination of strength and endurance sports strengthens many parts of the body.