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Fringe Sport Bumper Plates Review: Best Priced Bumper Plates For 2021

If you are looking for badass bumper plates but don’t want to pay the typical plate prices, FringeSport has some of the best bumpers in the market. From special-purpose barbels like the power bar and weightlifting bar to competition bumpers, Milspec bumpers, and more, the company has got something for everyone looking to bulk up, improve their pose, maintain weight loss, and more.

They make their products with harder compound for durability. These products look and feel great and come at great prices. Add in free shipping and the best warranty in the market, and you’ve got a terrific option.

Why Choose Bumper Plates From Fringe Sport

FringeSport is an Austin-based supplier of workout gear. They specialize in serving lifters and CrossFit enthusiasts. FringeSport bumper plates are made with sound-absorbing rubber, making them perfect for box gyms and garage gyms. A team of WOD-aholics tests the weight plates to meet your high and lofty fitness and health goals.

There are quite a few different materials fit for constructing bumper plates. Rubber ranks among the top for various reasons, including:

1. Great appearance

You can tell a quality bumper plate from an inferior one based on the appearance. In most cases, inferior bumper plates appear shiny but don’t feel great when sliding onto barbells or hitting the ground.

On the other hand, Rubber construction results in clean-looking bumper plates. Rubber has a great appearance resulting in bumper plates with a matte-like finish that doesn’t fade easily even after great abuse at the gym. While the matte finish of FringeSport bumper plates isn’t shiny, it feels wonderful when sliding onto barbell bars.

2. Highly Malleable

Another advantage of 100 percent virgin rubber is that it can be shaped into any shape easily. It also combines well with other materials resulting in uniform construction.

3. Durable and quiet

Virgin rubber is durable. Expect no damage to the floor or harm yourself or bystanders when you drop your barbells from overhead. It also absorbs noise making for quiet gym activities. Work out without the worry of angering your neighbors or other home occupants.

In addition to the rubber construction, FringeSport bumper plates are backed by a one-year warranty. This is one of the best warranties you’ll find on bumper plates. So, drop away just like your favorite elite weightlifters or CrossFit athletes because FringeSport bad boys can take the abuse, and they’ve the warranty to back them up.

FringeSport Bumper Plates Review

Fringe Sport Savage Bumper Plates

FringeSport Savage Bumper Plates feature tiger streaks of color to match your fierce side. The color scheme can also be used to identify the weight class of individual plates.

Savage bumper plates are available in weights of 10,15,25,35,45,55 pounds. They feature beveled edges, making them easy to transfer. Put your fingers under the plate and lift it off the ground. You can even do it with one hand.

Savage bumper plates feature a ‘hooked’ insert. Instead of jamming the stainless-steel ring into the rubber, a steel shaft is used to hook it, making it hard to pop out when in use.

The best things about the savage plates include:

  • Low dead bounce
  • Available in pairs
  • Hooked stainless steel insert
  • Different color codes for different weight classes
  • 90 durometer rating for the 10-15 lbs plate and 85 sHA for the rest.
  • 3-year warranty on the 25-55 lbs plates and one year on the 10 and 15 lbs plates

Fringe Sport Contrast Bumpers

Fringe Sport Contrast Bumper Plates feature 100 percent virgin rubber and slightly raised contrast lettering. These bad boys are among the best bumper plates there is. FringeSport contrast bumper plates are available in weights of 10, 15, 25, 35,45, and 55 pounds.

The plates get the name contrast’ because they feature different color finishes based on their weight class. The colors make for a great identification system when working out in a crowded gym or competition halls. You can pick out your desirable bumper plate faster using its color.

The bumper plates have different durometer ratings, too, with the 10-pound and 15-pound plates being 90 SHA while the 25-55 pounds plates are 85SHA.

Features of the contrast plate include

  • Little rebound
  • Stainless Steel hooked’ center ring
  • Matte finish with raised lettering
  • Thin bumper plates
  • One-year warranty on the 10-15-pound plates and 3 years on the 25-55-pound plates.

Fringe Sport Competition Bumpers

Raise your game with FringeSport color competition plates available in pounds and kilos. These are durable, cheap Olympic weightlifting plates. They are nice, perform superbly, and look great.

You can get two different types of competition plates from fringe sports. There is the colored competition plate and the black plate without colored lettering. Both plates have the same IWF specifications but different prices and aesthetics.

The center of the plate is zinc-coated steel and held in place using 5 locking bolts to prevent lateral warping. You can use an Alan Wrench to adjust the bolts and make them tighter as needed.

The plates feature inner and outer flanges. The inner flange surrounds the center hub for protection, while the outer flange surrounds the plate for the same benefit and provides a surface to grip and lift the plate.

Fringe sport competition plates claim a weight tolerance of plus or minus 1% of the stated weight. You can relax, knowing the weight on your barbel is very accurate.

Features of FringeSport Competition plates include

  • Thin bumper plates
  • Zinc Coated center hub
  • 50.4mm collar opening
  • Matte finish with vibrant lettering
  • Little bounce making them suitable for weightlifting, powerlifting, and CrossFit style workouts
  • One-year satisfaction guarantee plus a 5-year guarantee against manufacturer defects

Fringe Sport Mil Spec Bumper Plates

If you want to train with weights like US army soldiers, Fringe Sport mil-spec offers plates with military specifications. These are high-quality plates used by soldiers to complete their Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) too.

They are highly durable, courtesy of virgin rubber and stainless-steel construction. Stainless-steel insert outperforms brass bumpers. Steel is durable; it can take a serious amount of abuse and fits different Olympic bars too.

The plates are high density and thinner, making it possible to load several plates onto your barbell. They also feature a standard 2-inch diameter making it possible to mix match with other plates.

You can use the Milspec plates in any environment, even in tight spaces, because of their low dead bounce.

Best features of the Milspec plates include:

  • Thin bumper plates
  • Curved steel insert
  • Different weight categories: 10 to 55 pounds
  • 2-inches insert diameter suits different bars
  • Little rebound makes them suitable for use in tight spaces too.
  • Comprehensive warranty

Fringe Sport Donut Bumper

Get ready to welcome some donuts into your gym with FringeSport’s donut bumper 10 lbs urethane plates. These look like sprinkle-covered donuts and arrive in exciting package boxes.

Donut bumper plates are cute and inviting to drop it like it’s hot. The major ingredient in these bumpers is coiled spring’ gluten protein. The elastic dough makes the plates tough and sturdy. But don’t go biting into the bumpers!

The proteins also absorb dampness, keeping the plates fresh. Expect no stale gym ambiance when training using FringeSport’s awesome donut

bumper plates; just some picturesque gym moments to share with your friends on Instagram.

Best features of the donut bumper plates include

  • Amazing packaging
  • Inviting appearance
  • 85 sHA durometer rating
  • Chrome-coated steel insert
  • A 2-inch insert diameter that fits various Olympic barbels

Fringe Sport Pizza Bumper Plate

Another unique offer from FringeSport to get you checking into your gym is the Pizza bumper plate. These are designed to give you the mental strength to break through any stress during those slow, dull days and hit the gym for some workouts. They look cute, they are warranted, and they offer a low dead bounce.

Pizza bumper plates are available in a 10-pound weight class only. The reason is that lightweight plates usually go outside, giving you the chance to see your awesome-looking pizza bumper plate. You can load other weight plates on the bar then add the pizza plates on the outside to achieve the weight class you want.

Just like the donut bumper plates, the protein’ used to make the Pizza plate absorbs dampness, too, enabling a fresh gym ambiance.

Best features of the Pizza bumper plates include

  • 85 sHA durometer rating
  • Accurate weight: +/-3% weight tolerance
  • One-year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Looks awesome, making for a very picturesque gym session.
  • Thin 1-inch width makes it possible to load several plates onto the barbel.

Fringe Sport Black Bumper Plates

Black Bumper Plates

FringeSport’s black competition bumper plates are available in kilos and pounds. These feature the same specification as the colored competition plates but without colored lettering.

The black bumper plates feature 100 percent virgin rubber construction with a 7.75-inch-thick steel insert. The collar opening is 50.4mm to fit different Olympic barbells.

The plates are 450mm thick with a highly accurate weight rating. The sHA rating is 90, and the dead bounce is low, making them suitable for use even in tight spaces.

You can get FringeSport’s black competition plates in weights of 10, 14, 20, and 25. They are color-coded to designate different weight classes.

Best features of the black competition bumper plates

  • Low dead bounce
  • Raised rubber rims to reduce friction between plates
  • Good-looking matte finish
  • 5-year warranty against manufacturer defects
  • They can be used with different Olympic barbels
  • Displays kilo and pound conversion

Fringe Sport Pink Bumper Plates

If you are a fan of pink color, this bumper plate will brighten your gym up a bit. It is available in 10-55-pound weight classes and features a 2-inch diameter to fit various standard barbels.

FringeSport’s Pink bumper plates feature virgin rubber and stainless-steel inserts too for durability and low dead bounce. The construction guarantees many years of use without indentation or losing color.

All of the Pink bumper plates set, except for the 10pound plates, are of the same diameter. The 10-pound pink bumper plate measures 445mm in diameter, while the others have 450mm diameters. They all have different widths.

Features of the pink bumper plate include

  • Vibrant color
  • Thinner plates
  • Highly accurate weight
  • Durable virgin rubber and stainless steel
  • Low dead bounce: 90sHA on the 10-15-pound plates and 85sHA on the 25-55-pound plates
  • Comprehensive warranties: 3-years on the 25-55lbs plates and 1-year on the 10-55lbs

Who are FringeSport bumper plates for?

FringeSport bumper plates are for anyone wishing to train for Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, and functional fitness training. They come in various weight classes to suit different strengths. Working with weights is good for improving posture, bulking up, boosting bone density, boosting metabolism, and more.

You can get FringeSport bumper plates in the following weight categories:

  • 10 pounds -gray
  • 15 pounds -white
  • 25 pounds -green
  • 35 pounds -yellow
  • 45 pounds -blue
  • 55 pounds -red

That said, it’s always wise to check with a doctor fast before getting into weight lifting, esp\ecially if you are pregnant or experience pain. It’s always better to start with small weights and progress gradually.

Advantages of FringeSport bumper weights include:

The number one advantage of FringeSport bumper plates is the virgin rubber construction. As mentioned before, rubber looks good, is durable, and results in a low dead bounce. You can use FringeSport’s bumper plates in any environment, even tight spaces, without the risk of injuries or damage.

FringeSport bumper plates are also color-coded, making it easy to select suitable weight plates when working out in a crowded gym or competition hall. Besides helping tell weights, colors make the plates look cool, just like those used by your favorite elite athletes in competitions. This will make you feel great too.

Another advantage is the comprehensive warranty. FringeSport warranties include a 5-year guarantee on manufacturer defects, a one-year warranty on 10lbs and 15lbs plates, and a 3-year warranty on 25-55lbs plates.

Lastly, FringeSport bumper plates are cheap. The company provides free shipping even on specific parts. Add the comprehensive warranties, and you’ve got the best deal there is on bumper plates. The supplier also runs sales on plates resulting in desirable discounts for customers. Expect discounts of up to 30%.

Fringe Sport vs. Rogue Bumper Plates

FringeSport and Rogue Fitness are two of the best suppliers of bumper plates and other workout gears. These two brands have quite a bit of similarity, including producing some of their bumper plates out of China. They both offer a selection of bumper plates in different weight classes and IWF specifications.

But that is about the end of their similarities. There are significant differences in FringeSport and Rogue bumper plates offers, including:


FringeSport provides a comprehensive satisfaction guarantee on its products, including a one-year warranty on 10 lbs and 15lbs plates and a 3-year warranty on 25-55-pound plates. On the other hand, Rogue fitness provides a 90-day guarantee only on its 10lbs and 15 lbs plates. For the 25-55-pound plates, the warranty is similar to FringeSport’s.


When you factor in free shipping and the possibility of substantial discounts, FringeSport’s bumper plates cost a bit less than other bumper plate brands.

For example, FringeSport’s 320 lb set competition bumpers are priced at $869 (shipping included), while the same set from Rogue Fitness costs about $1075 (shipping included).

Bumper Plates

It’s often said that no piece of gym equipment is absolutely required, but a weight plate is that piece of gear that comes close to being necessary. This round disc is loaded onto a barbell for weight training. A Bumper plate is a special type of weight plate designed for dropping without the risk of damage or injuries.

Bumper plates are all the rage right now for use in CrossFit-style workouts, Powerlifting, or Olympic Weightlifting. They are valued for their lower bounce and noiseless nature. Unlike in the past, where it was hard to find these plates in gyms because of the cost, they are now available at affordable prices and various designs to suit your weight training needs.

How to choose the right bumper plate?

If it’s your first-time shopping around for bumper plates, here are a few things to keep in mind:


Bounce matters if you plan on dropping barbells from overhead. FringeSport bumper plates rubber construction keeps the barbells from bouncing so much when slammed or dropped to the ground.

Less bouncing means your gear remains intact, reducing the risk of damage or injury. Also, it won’t roll over, so you don’t have to worry about running all over the gym to catch your barbell.

Durometer A rating

Another important point to keep in mind is the Shore Durometer A rating. Durometer indicates the hardness of the rubber. It is a 0-100 SHA

measurement. Generally, plates with lower durometer numbers have softer rubber compared to those with higher durometer numbers. A higher durometer number means harder rubber and reduced bounce. FringeSport sells bumper plates with more than 65 durometer rating, meaning they are durable and resistant to indentation.

Closing Thoughts

Weight plates are a wonderful addition to any gym, and thanks to advancements in technology, it is now possible to outfit your home or commercial gyms with bumper weights. Unlike in the past, when these bad boys cost a fortune compared to iron weight plates, they are very much affordable and available in various weight sets now.

If you are looking for cheaper, tougher bumper weights with low dead bounce and comprehensive warranties, FringeSport’s got your back. Plus, you can get them in unique designs, including the pizza and the donut that will really spice up your gym. Have fun getting ripped with FringeSport. Plus, if you have a question, the company has a team ready to help.