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How Much Space Do You Need for TRX Training?

Initially designed for navy seals to boosts their workouts, TRX suspension trainers have become common exercise equipment in homes and commercial gyms. They are super durable, weatherproof, and safety tested as well. With TRX, you use your body weight to enable you to build strength, balance, core stability, and flexibility.

Before you buy your TRX trainer, you should have adequate space for using it. You can train both indoors and outdoors. For the sake of this article, we are going to look at the indoor use of TRX trainers.

Since interior exercise space can be limiting you, the relevant question here is how much space do you need for TRX training?

The amount of space you need for Trx training is 8 feet long by 6 feet wide. This should be enough room to allow you to stretch your arms and legs on a flat, non-slippery surface as you work towards achieving more strength, stability, and flexibility.

That being said, we are going to talk about where to place your TRX in your house, how it should be mounted, its weight limit, whether it can damage your door, and if the door anchor is safe.

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Where should a TRX be placed in a house?

TRX should be placed on a door, ceiling, or wall. However, you can also mount it on a beam, railing, an S-frame, or weight rack suspension.

TRX door installation

To set up your TRX trainer on the doors in your home, place one end of the trainer over the door frame and close the door. You can also use a TRX door anchor, which is a nylon suspension that holds the TRX trainer in place better. The anchor functions as a stopper that prevents the TRX trainer from sliding at the top of the door.

If your door closes toward you, place the TRX trainer or door anchor over the door and close then start pulling and training your muscles. However, if your door closes away from you, fix the anchor over the door near the hinge and close. The position prevents the door from opening. Lock the door if possible for extra reinforcement to ensure it does not accidentally open when you are working out.

Make sure you mount the door anchor on a sturdy door that can handle your weight. Besides, if you live with other people in your house, always set up a warning sign that reads you are working out to prevent terrible accidents. TRX comes with a workout in progress’ placard. You do not want someone to open the door on which you have mounted your TRX suspension trainer, as you are exercise.

TRX ceiling installation

If you need to install your TRX on a different surface beside the doors, you can set it up on a stable, concrete ceiling using the TRX X-mount (Amazon) through a wood stud or lag shields. It is an excellent anchoring tool that allows a multi-directional range of motion. You can freely move your body in whichever way possible to boost your workout skills.

The X-mount is also usable when you want to fix your TRX trainer on a wall. It is made of high-quality steel for sturdiness and durability and has a 12cm diameter. Note that you should not clip your TRX carabiner directly to the X-mount. Use the TRX anchor carabiner included in the TRX package. Besides, if your ceiling is not made of concrete, speak with an expert for clarification on whether you can mount the TRX on your ceiling.

Beam and railing installation

If you have an exposed, sturdy beam or railing in your home, you can mount your TRX suspension trainer on it using the TRX suspension anchor that has a carabiner. The anchor is yellow in color and allows you to hang your TRX straps off hooks, poles, and bars, and anything that can comfortably carry your weight.

What you need to do is wrap the suspension anchor around an overhead anchor point such as a beam or rail, clip your TRX suspension trainer to the bottom loop, and start your workout session. When wrapping the anchor around a surface, do it several times to prevent it from sliding.

Weight rack suspension

Do you have a weight rack in your home or a high workout machine? Wrap TRX suspension anchor around the top of the rack and enjoy your workout. Make sure the machine bolted to the ground or stable enough to carry your weight without moving around as you exercise. An exercise device bolted to the floor is safer for TRX training. A pull-up bar as also an excellent anchorage point.

S-frame installation

Perhaps you want to enjoy TRX suspension training from home with your friends or as a group of neighbors who like the workout. Mounting a TRX suspension trainer on the ceiling, wall, weight rack, or beam is not practical for group workouts. What you need is an S-frame, which stands for suspension frame. It has adequate room and slot to mount multiple TRX trainers. That way, you can exercise as a group at one and have fun at the same time as you learn from each other and motivate one another.


You can also use the stairs to mount your TRX suspension trainer as long as they are stable.

If you need longer workout distances, yet the TRX anchor suspension with carabiner is not enough, connect the TRX Xtender to your TRX trainer. It measures around 9cm. If one Xtender is not enough, you can easily link two or more and get the range you need. The TRX Xtender is great for anchorage points with a circumference of more than 25cm.

How high should TRX be mounted?

How high TRX should be mounted depends on the tool you are using to anchor it. For example, an X-mount should be installed on a surface that is 7-9feet above the ground and 3feet away from the wall. When fixing TRX on a beam, weight rack, or rail, the same distance applies. However, if the beam or rail is not 7-9feet high above a surface, wrap up the straps a few times to find a suitable level. Using a wood stud, you can mount the X-mount on a vertical wall.

What is the weight limit for TRX?

The weight limit for TRX is 350-pounds according to the TRX website. It is the maximum user weight that the equipment can comfortably carry. 350 is a convenient figure for many people, which makes TRX suitable for users of all sizes.

Will TRX damage my door?

TRX will not damage your door. The manufacturer understands that you want to work out and not worry about destroying your door in the process. Even when using the provided door anchor, it does not damage or scratch the paint on your door or the wood.

The fact that you can enjoy your TRX exercises by anchoring it on your door saves you money. TRX includes a door anchor in their package, but in case you lose it, or it gets damaged, you do not have to buy another one immediately. The doors in your home allow you to continue exercising.

As you are using the TRX and the door anchor the right way, there is no damage to worry about for your door or paint.

TRX door anchor weight limit – Is TRX door anchor safe?

Yes, a TRX door anchor is safe. For starters, it has a weight limit of 350 pounds, so it suits everyone. When you close the door, it provides safe anchoring of tools. As long as you are using a solid door, you can comfortably install the door anchor and enjoy your workout. Besides, the anchor consists of tough, solid material that fosters safety when in use.

Things to Remember

  • There are many places in your home to mount the TRX starting from your doors, ceiling, beams, rails, and pipes in the garage or basement, and vertical walls as well.
  • What matters is ensuring the place you are fixing your TRX is solid enough to handle your weight.
  • Before you start working out, always test the sturdiness of the mount area by pulling down the straps.
  • If you notice any part of the TRX equipment wearing, replace it to prevent accidents. Check the X-mount to ensure it is tight in place and not lose.

Final Thoughts

TRX suspension trainers are helpful workout tools that challenge you to take your exercise to the next level. They assist you in developing strength and flexibility while using your body weight. Do not be intimidated by the fact that a navy seal designed the TRX trainers. Other ordinary people, not soldiers, are already using them, and so can you. Remember, you will be using your weight for resistance and not weights. Choose where you want to mount your TRX suspension trainer and start exercising. You do not have to use one installation spot. You can always shift from a ceiling to a wall to beam or rail whenever you want.

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