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MoonRun Review: A Better Alternative To TRX?

MoonRun is a low-impact simple to use fitness device that combines resistance and cardio training to enable you to exercise in a virtual reality (VR) setting. MoonRun has appeared on respected platforms, including Forbes, New York Post, Men’s Health, Entrepreneur, and Mashable, as a helpful workout tool.

MoonRun is a unique product. It is not an ordinary indoor cardio training tool. It is not for one use only, as is the case with a treadmill and other workout tools. It is both a running and fitness device that allows you to engage in other exercises, including squats, jumps, and resistance training. As you run, you can jump obstacles, make turns, and squat to make your workouts more engaging and fun. Besides, you can use it wherever you are, as long as you get a proper place for setup. If you install the equipment on a door, ensure it is sturdy and has a lock. You do not want the door opening during workouts, as that compromises your safety.

MoonRun is always running different discounts and promotions, so check out their official website for the latest deals.

Target Muscles

That is not all. MoonRun provides you with a full-body workout that targets various muscle groups, including your abs, chest, arms, and glutes. As you run, jump, and sprint, this tool also allows you to exercise more parts of your body. The resistance training it offers is great and enriches your workouts in various dimensions. As you pull the bands, you are involving your arms, chest, and abs in the workout. The bands also offer support when running, along with the bar. MoonRun is offering all these while being relatively cheaper than some workout devices. However, it is compatible with many running apps to ensure convenience and diverse workout experiences for users.

Note: Pregnant women must not use the MoonRun bar on the abdomen. Nonetheless, it can be used on the buttocks during workouts, for example, when running backward.

MoonRun targets the core muscles, upper body muscles, arms, chest, abs, and glutes to foster fitness. Use it to exercise these parts of your body and keep them in good shape. The resistance training this product offers is great for your arms, chest, and core.


  • Simple to set up and get used to
  • Easily folds into a compact load for storage
  • Provides immersive workout experience
  • Makes exercise as realistic as possible
  • Highly technological to benefit users
  • Provides support for comfortable workouts
  • Takes up little space
  • Versatile and portable
  • Anyone can use the device


  • Best for running although it is suitable for other workouts
  • Might not be effective for developing specific body parts
  • if you need a device to develop a given part of the body effectively, such as the abs or chest, MoonRun might not help as much. You will need a workout tool designed for the given body part.

MoonRun is always running different discounts and promotions, so check out their official website for the latest deals.

How MoonRun Works

MoonRun resembles a standard suspension trainer only that it has a small, light bar you place on the abdomen. When you wear the waistband that carries the bar, MoonRun records your movements in its virtual training app. The application guides you through cardio and resistance training exercises, providing obstacles to run through, and allows you to also work out with a virtual coach or group.

With the MoonRun bar on your abdomen and your hands on the arm resistance band handles, you get to enjoy running while exerting less impact on your knees and when landing on the floor. You can also turn while using the tool to distribute the training effect throughout your body instead of your lower body only. The handles are comfortable to ensure a good grip while exercising. You do not want to have your hands slipping as you work out. MoonRun allows you to run at your own pace and alongside your virtual coach. You can adjust the coach’s speed and have a challenging workout session as you run, jump, and squat. Remember to do some stretches before you start using the MoonRun.

The MoonRun App introduces you to a motivating, virtual experience. You can also join a group run and run as if you are outdoors with other runners from all over the world. The application is free and usable on both Android and iOS devices. Besides, it comes with tutorials on how to use the MoonRun properly to ensure you reap all the fitness benefits from it. It also has video tutorials of various workouts, including warm-ups and stretching. Work out the right way and efficiently while involving your entire body.

Besides, the app keeps track of your progress with the integrated statistics dashboard that displays your speed. The stats enable you to know your performance, so you can identify areas that need improvement to enhance your workouts. You can also manage your account and share workouts. Nonetheless, the app shows your position and your coach’s and lets you run against other people and adjust your coach’s speed as well. It can be displayed on your computer monitor or TV screen to provide a larger display and immerse you into an exciting, virtual experience.

With the MoonRun app, you get three types of coaches. One is the MoonRun coach who challenges your limits. You get to set goals and adjust your workouts as you run with your coach, who helps you maintain your optimal speed and enhance your fitness. The other is a speed coach who reappears by your side every 100 meters (0.1miles). There is also a scoreboard to motivate you. The third is an endurance coach who runs at a pace you regulate throughout the distance. Besides, you get to know how far or close you are from your goal.

Note that the MoonRun app is easy to use and connects with other apps that offer different workout experiences. The applications include Arcade Fitness, Strava, Zwift, and Kinomap. That way, you can always use your MonRun with various apps and have diverse workout experiences.

What Does MoonRun Come with?

The MoonRun pack comes with several things, including an elegant, MoonRun-branded sports bag. A pack of this indoor cardio training device entails a lightweight, durable bar. It has washable, soft cushions that foster hygiene, comfort, and high performance.

The other thing in the package is the medium body resistance set for users weighing 110-200lbs. If you do not fall in this category, there are optional elastic band packages. For users above 200lbs, there is a heavy elastic band pack to purchase. The light elastic bands are for users below 110lbs and children.

The MoonRun package also carries arm resistance bands for resistance training. While running involves much of your lower body, these elastic bands fully engage your upper body muscles to ensure you get a full-body workout. Besides, they have studio-quality handles for comfort and durability. If you regularly use the MoonRun at home or the office, you should replace the elastic bands annually. However, if you use them daily in your studio, you should change them twice yearly.

There is also a sensor pack in the box. It is fully functional and provides real-time transmission to Bluetooth exercise apps. It allows you to do 40 workouts in between charges and has an internal memory that can keep up to 30 hours of offline workout. The pack includes a micro-USB to USB cable, which is 1.5 meters long and has a waterproof micro-USB for charging. The sensor captures your movements and turns you into an avatar in various running apps to make your workouts exciting.

The manufacturer also includes a triple-safety door anchor. It ensures a secure setup of the MoonRun for worry-free running, jumping, and squatting.

Technical Information

  • Standard resistance bands capacity: 110-200lbs
  • Weight: less than 4lbs
  • User weight limit: 60-320lbs
  • Needs 3 feet space for running
  • Sets up 5 feet floor from the anchor point
  • Warranty: 6 months for bar pads and elastic units
  • 1-year warranty for other parts
  • Compatible with many running apps
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Closing Thoughts

MoonRun is an indoor cardio training equipment to consider using. It is modern, elegant, and easy to utilize. The fact that it combines running and resistance training makes it a better home gym tool than equipment designed for one type of workout. The device is sturdy, comfortable, low-impact, and folds into a small carry bag, which the manufacturer provides. You get to engage in various workouts using one device that exposes you to an exciting VR experience during workouts. The MoonRun App enhances your workouts allowing you to have a coach. You can view your speed from the dashboard to determine how well you are doing and identify areas that need changes. However, the app is compatible with many other running apps, which increases convenience and user-friendliness.

MoonRun is always running different discounts and promotions, so check out their official website for the latest deals.