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Pilates Workout At Home

Pilates refers to varied exercise routines that comprise endurance and muscular strength movements with low-impact flexibility. The routines are named after their inventor Joseph Pilates. You can do Pilates anywhere, including in a small apartment space.

Pilates routines are ideal for building core strength. This workout is a little similar to yoga, given that it focuses on flexibility, balance, and posture. Pilates has a lower chance of injury than other strength training exercises. Pilates routines are also apartment-friendly, given that they need no equipment, and there is no jumping involved.

Health benefits of Pilates

  • They boost flexibility
  • They lead to improved muscular control
  • They enhance muscle strength
  • Can help to rehabilitate joint and spinal injuries
  • They improve physical coordination

Pilate routines to try in your apartment:

1. Roll-up

  • Lie faceup and stretch your arms towards the ceiling
  • Breathe in deeply
  • Exhale and curl your chin towards the chest and roll to a sitting posture with arms reaching towards the feet
  • Breath in
  • Exhale then roll back down slowly without jerking

This routine strengthens the spine and abdominal muscles

2. Single-leg stretch

  • Lie faceup with your knees bent
  • Exhale then lift your head and shoulders off the mat
  • In the process, extend your left leg straight and draw the right knee toward your chest
  • Switch legs and complete ten such full repetitions

The single-leg stretch exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles

3. Crisscross

  • Lie on your back with elbows wide and hands clasped behind the neck
  • Raise your shoulders off the mat and bring in the right knee to meet with the left arm
  • Repeat the twisting motion with the left knee and right arm

This routine targets your obliques and abs. It is ideal for blasting lower belly fat. Working out is a must for health and beauty. When you can’t hit the gym for one reason or another, you can still crank your muscles with the above routines. The videos and apps can help you get it right without bothering your neighbors.