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8 Best All-In-One Home Gym Workout Machines

Working out from home is no longer the faux pas it was once considered to be. In fact, most of us prefer to get our exercise at home, which is a less expensive way to do it that also involves fewer stares than those we get at the gym.

You are here because you’re looking for an all-in-one home gym right for both your workout needs and your wallet. The chances are that you’ve already gone through a couple of options, but you’re still undecided whether any of them is worth your hard-earned dough.

This guide looks at six all-in-one home gyms that are worth your consideration. Each of them has its own perks and downsides, and though they’re all multi-purpose home workout equipment, all six have different attributes. By the time you get to the end, you will have all the information you need to make a purchase you won’t regret.

Let’s dive in!

Here are the best all in one home gyms:

Best All-In One Home Gym Machine

Total Gym Fit

Total Gym Fit – Touted as a fun, fast, and effective home gym, Total Gym Fit is an absolute beginner’s dream. It offers a total of 12 resistance levels plus endless customizations to make your workouts truly yours. Features like the ergonomic glide board (consolidated for extra comfort), the wing attachment, and upgraded pulley and cable system guarantee that you’ll get a thorough full-body workout no matter how experienced you are.

It comes with an added advantage, too—a best-selling workout DVD called AbCrunch Accessory & Workout, which can be pretty useful if you’re still figuring out what kind of exercises you need. For the pros, this all-in-one gym offers over 85 exercises, making it incredibly versatile and useful for various workout variations.

Why Choose Total Gym Fit?

It offers the right balance between user-friendliness and versatility. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, you’re bound to find it quite useful. It has an impressive array of features for the seasoned among us to dig their teeth into. However, it still waters down even the most complex exercises (in the complimentary DVD) to make them easier for beginners.

Product Dimensions:

Folded:50.5” L x 18.5” W x 8.5” H
Unfolded:93” L x 18.5” W x 44.5” H
Max. user weight:450lbs

Product Description

  • Up to 12 levels of resistance.
  • 2-piece wing attachment to extend the range of motion.
  • Reinforced steel frame.
  • Slide-pivot assembly makes the rig extra strong and resilient.
  • A custom fender system offers smoother motion.
  • Adjustable nylon strap handles
  • Leg pulley with removable bracket.
  • Comfortable and ergonomic glide board.
  • Auto-lock height adjustment.
  • Enhanced pulley and cable system.
  • Capable of over 85 exercises.

Product Warranty

Aside from a 30-day trial period where you can try the Total Body Gym risk-free, you also get a 2-year Lifetime Warranty on the parts and a 2-year warranty for the frame.

About the Brand

Total Gym is a household name in American fitness centers. The company was founded over 19 years ago and has since made over a billion dollars in sales. In addition to high-end training capabilities, their equipment is also known to be smooth, suitable for everyone, and padded generously to provide extra back support and comfort.

Best Portable All-In One gym

The BodyBoss 2.0

The BodyBoss 2.0 is a portable full-body workout package that comprises a non-slip grip base with retractable anchors. You can clip interchangeable resistance bands and do some moves to burn some fats.

With the BodyBoss package, you can bring the gym along with you wherever and put on any exercise as if you were in an actual gym. It includes the following:

Dimensions20.1 x 15.9 x 2.8 inches
Weight16 Pounds

Features of the BodyBoss Portable 2.0

  • A 360-degrees rotating bar so you can train from any angle,
  • Some custom length bands that simulate 0-30lbs resistance range
  • Padded straps for comfort
  • Handles that you can use to simulate dumbbells
  • A door anchor that you can use to do chest flies and pull-down routines.

About the RhinoBoss, LLC

RhinoBoss, LLC is the brand behind BodyBoss Portable 2.0, and the idea behind the design is that sometimes, you can’t make it to the gym, the gym has to come to you. Just keep in mind that there are 2 packages, one includes 2 bands and the other has 4. We couldn’t find detailed info on warranty and return policy though, keep checking.

Best Compact All-In One Home Gym

THERACK Workout Station

THERACK Workout Station is one of the best exercise equipment ever made for doing classic exercises such as arm curls, shoulder presses, and rows. It is a high-quality design, very much affordable, and does not take up much space.

About THERACK Workout Station

THERACK Workout Station looks like a walker but transforms into 3-body workout positions – a standing position for rows, a bench position for knee raises, a flat position for push-ups. It is very easy to use a workout tool, simple steel built, portable enough for transporting in your car, and if you take care of it, it should give you a lifetime of service.

Dimensions17.75 x 24 x 34 inches
Weight30 pounds
User Weight LimitPeople over 250 pounds
User Height limitPeople over 6’6″

Features of THERACK Workout Station

  • Reconfigures to three-body workout positions
  • You can do up to 19 different workouts
  • Available in 30-pound and 23-pound versions
  • You can intensify resistance with additional plates or adjust the wheels for ab exercises
  • Rubber footings and comfortable hand grips
  • For users below 6ft6” and 250 pounds.
  • Portable – weighs only 30 pounds and measures 17.75 by 24 by 34 inches

About the brand and warranty

THERACK Workout station is an all0in-one patented gym machine manufactured by PowerPortLA, LLC. This is also the brand behind the ALP Generator.

You can also get accessories like shirts and hats to go with your gyming activities and nutrition guides and workout DVDs to help get ripped. In case you are not satisfied with the product, return it within 90 days for repairs or replacement, No money-back guarantee.

Best All-In One Calisthenics Equipment

Rebuild Your Life Power Tower

Rebuild Your Life Power Tower – Last on our list is the lightweight Power Tower from Rebuild Your Life, a skinny and compact all-in-one gym machine built with an extendable frame and equipped with some serious bells and whistles.

On paper, it looks nothing more than a frame with a few handles and several adjustable features. However, the design comes from lots of trial and error as well as user-recommended alterations, including the all-new welded foot tube (which is infinitely sturdier), and the adjustable armrest.

Why Choose Power Tower?

Yes, it is affordable, but perhaps the best reason to opt for this machine is its unique no-bench design. It is capable of performing a wide range of exercises, including pull-ups, dips, and push-ups.

Product Dimensions:

Assembled:59” L x 35.4” W x 29.8” H
Max. user weight:330lbs

Product Description

  • It features a high-quality steel construction that’s durable and extremely stable.
  • Suction-cup feet give it a firm hold on the ground for added safety and stability during workouts.
  • Adjustable height range of 58.5” to 89” to suit children or adults.
  • The backrest can be adjusted from 7” to 9.6” to suit individual comfort needs.
  • Suitable for a wide range of fitness and strength-building exercises.
  • Safety locknut stays intact even through strong vibrations.

Product Warranty

A one-year warranty covers the Power Tower for the steel frame and a lifetime warranty on all parts and accessories.

About the Brand

Relife is known for an extensive range of compact home gym devices that are built durably yet scaled down to fit small spaces neatly. Most of their products are built from sturdy steel, which means they can go the whole nine yards. The manufacturer excels in creating equipment for all sorts of fitness and strength-training routines.

Best All-In One Fitness Machine

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym – At the top of many people’s list of all-in-one gym machines is the Bowflex and for a good reason. This compact workout machine is designed to do it all. From a nearly endless list of workout variations courtesy of Bowflex Power Rod® resistance bands to a feature-rich design to upgradeable maximum weight, there’s no muscle you can’t train on the Bowflex.

Aside from its obvious superiority as far as workout variations go, the Bowflex Blaze home gym boasts an easy-to-store design. Its folding bench makes it a space-saver when it’s not in use, and a set of wheels ensure you can move it around without breaking a sweat.

Why Choose Bowflex?

It doesn’t matter if you’re targeting a few muscle groups or performing a full-body workout; you can perform over 60 types of exercise on the Bowflex. It uses a combination of resistance bands and adjustable cable and pulley positions, which allows for further customization of your workouts and means that you never have to fiddle with weights again.

Product Dimensions:

Folded:52” L x 38” W x 83” H
Unfolded:90” L x 38” W x 83” H
Maximum workout area:100” L x 78” W
Assembled weight:191 lbs.
Max. User weight:300 lbs.

Product Description

  • Suitable for over 60 exercises and full-body workout routines.
  • Standard weight limit of 210lbs, which is upgradeable to 310lbs and 410lbs.
  • Adjustable cable and pulley positions allow for custom workouts.
  • It comes with an angled squat bar, lat bar, and sliding seat rail for leg presses and aerobic rowing.
  • It comes with either ankle cuffs or a triple-function hand grip.

Product Warranty

The Bowflex Blaze Home Gym comes with a 5-year warranty for parts.

About the Brand

Bowflex began developing all-in-one home gyms back in 1986. They focused on creating costly high-end equipment for gyms. Over the last 30 years, they have satisfied the need for convenience and privacy by providing gym-quality workout devices at home. Arguably, they are the gold standard when it comes to home fitness.

Best All-In One Workout Machine

Marcy MWM-988 Multifunction

Marcy MWM-988 Multifunction – Something is reassuring about a home-gym that’s built from heavy-duty 14-gauge steel. Perhaps it’s the promise of extreme durability, which the Marcy Home Gym delivers in spades.

How about performance, you ask? Let’s start with some figures. It has a 150-pound weight stack (coated in vinyl for style and resilience, of course), so it is right up there with gym-quality equipment as far as resistance is concerned. Other noteworthy features include a lat bar, roller pads, an adjustable butterfly attachment-slash-leg developer, and even an adjustable preacher curl pad.

Why Choose Marcy Home Gym?

For the simple reason that it is the closest, you’ll ever get to having professional gym equipment in your living room. It is designed to go all out in terms of workout variations, some of which are facilitated by the dual-action butterfly arms, the adjustable preacher curl pad, and other useful attachments. As far as full-body workouts are concerned, this home gym is capable of anything.

Product Dimensions:

Assembled:68” L x 36” W x 79” H
Assembled weight:125lbs
Max. user weight:300lbs

Product Description

  • Durable, heavy-duty steel construction.
  • Vinyl coating for extra durability.
  • 150lbs maximum weight stack capacity.
  • Adjustable Preacher Curl bicep pad.
  • Separate pulley stations allow you to switch focus to different muscle groups.
  • Dual-action butterfly press arm allows for both vertical butterfly and chest press exercises.

Product Warranty

You get up to two years of warranty with the Marcy MWM-988 home gym. The manufacturer can replace damaged or defective parts during this period.

About the Brand

IMPEX, which was founded in 1982, is the company behind the Marcy brand name. It is a reputable manufacturer of fitness products that has also produced other brands like Competitor, Bionic Body, and Apex. IMPEX is known for making quality gym products at affordable prices.

Best All-In One Gym Equipment

Multi home gym

Weider Ultimate Body Works – The Weider Ultimate Body Works approaches the home fitness industry with a unique telescoping design suited to smaller dwellings—good news for everyone that’s short on space. At first glance, it looks very rudimentary and almost incapable of delivering an excellent full-body workout. However, the fully adjustable incline bench is equipped with free-motion cables, a high pulley system, and a rolling seat.

You have plenty of room to tailor your resistance as you wish with its adjustable incline bench and the pulleys.

Why Choose Weider?

One word: simplicity. Although it is built for full-body workouts, this multi-purpose home gym is much easier to set up and to adjust. If you can’t stand the thought of fiddling with weights every time you want to exercise, then perhaps a simple cable-and-pulley design is needed.

Product Dimension:

Assembled:71” L x 26.5” W x 49.5” H (extended), 59” L x 27.5” W x 48” H (contracted)
Assembled weight:71.8lbs
Max. User weight:250lbs

Product Description

  • Telescoping incline bench design.
  • Rolling seat for leg-presses and rowing exercises.
  • A high dual-pulley system, one on each side.
  • Adjustable bench incline levels.
  • Free-motion resistance cables.
  • High handle for sit-ups.
  • Additional resistance options (SuperPack).

Product Warranty

Weider Ultimate Body has a 90-day (3 months) warranty that covers both parts and labor.

About the Brand

Although Weider is more famously known as a manufacturer of nutritional supplements, their fitness products extend to multi-purpose home gyms. The Arizona-based company has been in operation for over 70 years and is known for its quality, affordability, and reliable gym equipment.

Best Multifunction Home Gym

Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym

Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym – Your search for the most compact home gym of all time ends the moment you stumble across the BodyCraft Galena Pro, an all-in-one home gym built to fit into considerably smaller spaces than traditional gym equipment. Its size notwithstanding, it is constructed precisely for full-body workouts, including leg curls, lat pulls, chest presses, and dual-function Pec Dec.

Why Choose BodyCraft?

Its compact size is, by far, its greatest attribute. If you’re short on space but don’t want to compromise anything in terms of workout capability, this is the home gym for you. It is built with high-intensity workouts in mind to accommodate pretty much anything you throw its way.

Product Dimensions:

Assembled:72” L x 58” W x 81” H
Assembled weight:500lbs

Product Description

  • 150-pound weight stack.
  • Up to 300lbs of resistance.
  • Exclusive dual-function Pec Deck with range-of-motion adjustments.
  • It has a comfortable, high-density foam seat that is adjustable.
  • Bench press station with an adjustable starting point.
  • Heavy gauge 2 x 3 and 2 x 2 steel tubing.
  • Powder-coated finish.
  • 7 x 19-strand cables with 2,000lbs tensile strength.

Product Warranty

The BodyCraft Galena Pro home gym has a limited lifetime warranty that covers defective parts and materials.

About the Brand

BodyCraft is a world-renowned fitness equipment manufacturer that’s been making world-class equipment since 1994. They specialize in creating home gym equipment built for safety, versatility, and affordability, but all their products bear their distinct mark of quality. With one of the most exclusive ranges of products in the market, BodyCraft is best known for creating versatile workout equipment that’s built to last a lifetime.

Final Thoughts

Your search for the ideal all-in-one home gym equipment ends here, where you’ve been guided through six of the best options at your disposal. Whether you prefer more conventional offerings Bowflex or are interested in testing out the latest brands, you’ll find what you need here.

Keep in mind that some of these home gyms need to be assembled before use and that some of them may ship in different packages due to their size. Although structurally different, you can rest assured that all of them deliver the same stellar results no matter how you like to exercise.