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Escape Fitness Deck 2.0 Review: Multi-purpose Aerobic stepping platform

The original Escape Deck proved itself a great all-in-one training system for various kinds of aerobic and strength training. Now the brand’s latest evolution, the Deck 2.0 takes this versatility even further with 16 different configurations and two-level height adjustment for workouts on an anti-slip rubber surface with anatomic hot spots and resistance tube channels for exciting workouts.

Say goodbye to those expensive gym membership fees and say hello to varied, stimulating, and fun stepping and weight training. You can do the classic steps and power moves or come up with your own workout ideas by visiting Escape’s YouTube channel.

Technical specifications

  • 8″ (flat), 38″ (extended) x 12″ x 48″
  • ·Secret storage compartment for your workout accessories
  • ·Channels for resistant tube exercises
  • ·Two-level height adjustment and 16 possible configurations
  • ·Adjustable backrest with string steel tubes for extra support
  • ·Different angles for your workout bench -30, 45 and 70 degrees
  • ·Non-slip resistant surface with intelligent grip, softer tread for user’s hands and aggressive treads for feet

Escape Fitness Deck 2.0 (Amazon)

Escape Fitness Deck 2.0 Pros & Cons


  • Non-slip rubber top surface with fixed target zines for your hands and legs
  • Softer treads for hands and aggressive ones for feet
  • Includes a YouTube Channel and an app for fresh workout ideas
  • Adjustable backrest with strong steel tubes for extra support
  • Tow-level height adjustment and 16 different configurations for varied workouts
  • Convenient built-in storage compartment


  • People who are taller than 5’9 say they have trouble doing exercises on the Deck while lying on their backs.
  • There have been reports that the rubber surface peels off easily.
  • Does not include resistance bands in the package

What Exercises and Muscles does the Deck Help Target?

You can use deck 2.0 as an aerobic step bench by setting it at the 20.4cm Low step setting and work on your speed and accuracy. This height minimizes joint impact and is a great starting point for beginners.

For challenging plyometrics, set the step bench at a 35.5cm High step setting. This is for those who want to build strength with a range of powerful moves.

You can also use the deck as a declined or inclined weight bench. Simply lift the adjustable backrest, and you have the option between 70, 45, and 30-degree resting angles for the following exercises:

1. Bicep curls

Work out your biceps using the old seated bicep curl technique. Attach the resistance tubes under the Deck’s foot on end, lift the backrest and set it at the desired angle. Sit and rest your back then perform the bicep curls, keeping your arms adjacent to your torso. Always lower to straight arms to achieve full extension.

2. Crunches

You can perform resistance tube crunches on a flat or declined bench to get great abs. secure the tubes under the rear foot of the Deck, close to your head then lie down on the platform and begin pressing up just like in barbell bench presses

3. Rows

Bench rows are great for your upper body. Lift the backrest and set it at the desired angle, then attach the resistance tubes to it. Lift one foot and rest it on the Deck, then holding the tubes, pull back as you’d do with a cable row. Feel free to switch feet positions to work out both the left and right pecks.

4. Step-Ups

Banded step-ups are a fantastic way to target your glutes and develop hip stability. Secure the tube under the Deck’s foot, then stand facing the bench with your feet close together, reach down with straight arms, pull the tube handles, and begin doing your step-ups. Make sure to land heel-to-toe with every step up and down the bench

5. Shoulder Presses

Secure the resistance tubes under the Deck’s foot, set the backrest at the desired angle, sit on the end with the resistance tubes attached, hold the handles at shoulder height with your palms facing up, and begin doing the shoulder presses.

Work out with confidence because steel-tubing on the backrest provides extra support. And if you want more intensity, feel free to put the bench in an incline or decline Ramp position while in both bench and step modes.

Who is The Escape Fitness Deck 2.0 for?

The Escape Fitness Deck 2.0 is for every fitness enthusiast who is busy with commercial gyms. This compact Deck is small enough to take less space in home gyms or transport anywhere for workouts on the go. It has a max weight limit of 375lbs but feels like it can take more. It can be used as an aerobic and plyometric bench as an adjustable resistance training deck.

Who is the Deck not for?

People above 6 feet tall are going to have trouble using the bench as it only suits 5’9 and below. This bench is not designed for heavy weight training, too; you should get special equipment for that or visit your local gym to train using heavyweights. And for those who are after immediate results, please, remember there’s no such thing when it comes to conditioning and strength training; put in an effort for desired results.

Features of the Escape Deck 2.0

Multipurpose workout platform. The Escape Deck 2.0 is a portable workout system that provides the capability to combine steps and bench movements into your cardio workouts. You can also use it as a decline or incline weight deck for strength training.

While in Step mode, you have the option between two height levels. You can use the 10.5cm (low step) to train on speed and accuracy and the 35.5cm (high step) to increase the intensity.

16 different configurations. The Deck 2.0 is an all-in-one machine. It can be configured in 16 different ways to add versatility in your cardio and strength training. These include the incline and decline Ramp configuration while in Bench and Step mode. There’s also the open backrest position for training accessories storage.

Non-slip top surface with anatomic hot spots: Stepping is even more challenging and fun with the Deck 2.0 anatomic targets showing optimal hands and foot position for every repetition. Get ready for fun, varied, and challenging stepping sessions. Use the aggressive tread for feet and the softer tread for your hands.

Convenient storage: The Deck 2.0 design includes built-in storage. Simply lift the backrest to access the storage compartment where you can keep accessories such as resistance tubes and weights for varied workouts. And once you are done, put them back in to keep your workplace tidy.

Different angles for your weight bench: The Deck 2.0 has an adjustable backrest with strong steel tubing for extra support. You can adjust the backrest to 70, 45, and 30 degrees when using the Deck as a weight bench.

Clearly, Deck 2.0 is designed to add versatility to your strength and cardio workouts. With anatomic hot spots, 16 different configurations, including decline and incline ramp while in bench and step mode, and a secret storage compartment that doubles as an adjustable backrest, the Deck 2.0 is a versatile workout platform for modern fitness enthusiasts. But are there alternatives? What other fitness decks provide the same capability at a fair price?


It’s not easy finding all-in-one fitness decks that provide the same versatility as the Escape Fitness Deck 2.0. However, these two fitness decks come close:

Reebok Fitness Deck

The Reebok Fitness Deck is the latest remake of the classic aerobic Reebok Step. It has a lot of features in common with Escape Deck 2.0 including 16 different configurations and a quick lock-foot mechanism that allows users to do various intense exercises on a non-slip top surface.

But unlike the Escape fitness Deck 2.0, it does not have steel tubes on the backrest for extra support. Still, it’s used in many commercial and personal health and fitness facilities worldwide.

Click here for a full review of the Reebok Fitness Deck

Power Systems Fitness Deck

The power systems Fitness Deck is another fitness Deck you should consider. It can be transformed from low and high positions just like the Escape Fitness Deck 2.0 and can be configured in more than a dozen ways to suit any physical training.

It features 6 sets of resistance tubing notches so you can exercise your muscles too. But unlike Escape Deck 2.0, it can only withstand a maximum of 330lbs. Still, you get to enjoy varied workouts on a very sleek, mobile deck.

Closing thoughts

Despite a few user complaints about the Deck’s length and rubber grip surface, most reviewers agree that the Escape Fitness Deck 2.0 is one of the best platforms for steps, BODYPUMP, circuits, and Bootcamp workout sessions.

With 16 different configurations including the flat, inclined, and declined position, you can exercise different groups of muscles. Feel free to set the backrest to the desired angle (30, 45, or 70 degrees) for an intense workout. And after you are done, store your workout accessories in the built-in storage compartment for a tidy workspace. How Cool! The fact that it includes a YouTube channel and a phone app for fresh DIY workout ideas is brilliant. Don’t you think?