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Bullworker Bow Classic Review – Portable Home Gym

Bullworker Bow Classic is a compact isometric exercise device designed for resistance training. It takes up little space, making it easy to carry around and work out while on the go, whether indoors or outdoors. It allows you to engage in various pull and push exercises that target various muscles in your body to keep you fit.

Bullworker Exercise Chart

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The product is ideal for strength training and fat burning exercises while offering fast results. With it, you can strengthen different muscle groups and enhance quick muscle size. Some of the exercises you can do using Bullworker Classic include hammer curl, power press, triceps pushdown, deadlift, and leg developing.

Targeted Muscles

Bullworker Bow targets various muscles in your body, including the hard-to-reach areas like your inner thighs and hips. However, Bullworker is also great for chest, shoulders, back, arms, abs, legs, biceps, and lower body muscles.


  • Easy to use and portable
  • Affordable
  • Provides fast results
  • Usable on the go
  • Provides low-impact training
  • Safe and effective


  • The 36-inch length can make working out strenuous for some people
  • The springs can be a bit strong for beginners to get used to

Who is it for?

Bullworker Classic is designed for beginner or expert users looking to get in shape by doing Isometric strength training, It does not matter your fitness skill level since the brand comes with varying resistance levels to match different user needs. If you need to build and strengthen your muscles while also toning your physique, Bullworker is a product to consider buying.

Who is it not for?

Bullworker Classic is not for anyone looking to stay fit by engaging in simple cardio workouts. A treadmill or an indoor bike is perfect for you. As mentioned earlier, the Bullworker is ideal for everyone seeking to build and strengthen various muscle groups.

Technical Specifications

  • 5 resistance level springs
  • Steel frame
  • 36 inches length
  • 4.6 pounds of weight
  • Comes with carrying bag and exercise instructions
  • 5-year warranty

Bullworker Classic vs Steel Bow

Bullworker ClassicBullworker Steel Bow
Dimensions 36″ Length20″ Length
Interchangeable Springs5`5
Resistance Level0 to 160 lbs 0 – 130 lbs
AdvantagesGreat for powerful holds and building strong musclesGreat for travel (More versatility)

Bullworker Full Body Workout – Amazon

How To Use A Bullworker

Bullworker Classic


Bullworker is a 36-inch portable home gym that provides a full-body workout. Its compact construction lets you carry it wherever you go to ensure you never miss to exercise. With it, you can exercise several muscle groups in your body. It is ideal for upper body exercises but also allows lower body workouts that target your legs, for example.

The manufacturer calls it isometric exercise equipment, which lets you engage over 60 % of muscle strength against a higher resistance for 7 seconds once a day. Therefore, it provides faster results than lifting weights in a short period. Besides, the tool is also safer than lifting weights. With its low impact design, it is gentler on your joints, thus reducing fatigue and discomfort to allow you to work out more.

Bullworker consists of an all-steel frame that fosters long-lasting use. It is sturdy, high quality, and withstands serious workouts. It also has a coated steel cord for extra durability.


The equipment has comfortable contoured grips to ensure it does not slip through your hands. The handgrips are also rubber coated for additional comfort since holding steel while working out for a while causes discomfort and blisters.


How flexible a workout device is matters. A highly adjustable tool makes it easier to operate, and users are not stuck with specific settings. Bullworker is such equipment, as it comes with five interchangeable springs to help you find a resistance that suits your skill level. Shifting between the tension springs is simple for convenience and to give you a smooth time exercising.

The springs have varying resistances between 0 and 160 pounds. You can choose to use the 0-40 pound spring, 0-70 pounds, 0-100 pounds, 0-130 pounds, or 0-160 pounds. Utilize the high resistance options for muscle size enhancement and strengthening. However, low resistances are for muscle toning and targeting.


Bullworker Classic is a training tool that lets you take part in a variety of exercises and target various muscle groups. As mentioned earlier, it provides a full-body workout from the comfort of your home, which increases convenience. With this equipment, you can work out different muscles in your body at a low impact to build, tone, and strengthen them.

The model also fosters fat burning, improves your cardio, and boosts recovery. In a 7-second workout, you will have engaged multiple muscles in your body. Get to exercise your legs, shoulders, arms, back, abs, biceps, and triceps.


The isometric design of the Bullworker gives it an upper hand to lifting weights. You are in a position to build and strengthen your muscles faster in seven seconds while involving multiple muscle groups in your body. With this tool, you can exercise your inner thighs, legs, back, chest, arms, and abs. You have no excuse for not getting an entire body workout.


Bullworker stands behind all its products, and with the Bow Classic model, you get a 5-year warranty to enjoy. Besides, the company provides a 90-day money-back guarantee. There are no parts to set up. The tool comes fully assembled for immediate use out of the box, thus get to exercise as soon as you open your Bull worker package.

That is not all. The manufacturer offers a free carry case for portability and storage. They also provide a spiral-bound instruction manual and a 90-day routine to guide you through different workouts for effectiveness. You can also download the routine and free manual. Inside the box, you will also find a bow extension for additional elongation and iso-Motion for enhanced movement.

Closing thoughts

Bullworker Bow Classic is a beneficial exercise machine that lets you involve various muscle groups. Get to build, strengthen, and tone your muscles while also burning calories. The product is easy to use, portable lightweight, and compact. The manufacturer designs it to be well built and last long, thanks to steel construction.

It is sturdy and high quality, not forgetting affordable. With the five resistance springs, everyone has a chance to work out using a resistance level with which one is comfortable. However, if you do not intend to engage in serious strength-training, you may never use all the five springs.

Nevertheless, Bullworker is a product worth buying. It available at a cost-friendly rate while providing you a full-body workout from the comfort of your home.

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