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How Much Space Do You Need for an Elliptical Machine?

Ellipticals are fantastic machines that allow you to exercise both your lower and upper body with minimal impact. Before you purchase an elliptical, you should be sure that you have adequate room for it in your home.

Therefore, which leads us to the question of how much space do you need for an elliptical machine?

The amount of space you need for an elliptical machine is Approximately 8 feet by 4 feet of floor space. You should allow for a buffer zone of at least 4-6 inches for headroom, and also at least 20 inches of space around the machine.

To easily mount and dismount your elliptical, there should be 20 inches of free space on all sides because when using an elliptical, pedals might extend beyond the length of the machine.

Besides, you should also keep in mind your ceiling height, a factor we are about to discuss when buying an elliptical machine.

We are going to talk about how much headroom (which has links to ceiling height) you need for an elliptical, the dimensions of an elliptical, where you should install it, and an example of the best elliptical for your home gym.

How much headroom do you need for an elliptical?

How much headroom you need for an elliptical should be a space of 4-6 inches between the top of your head and the ceiling. 8, 9, and 10 feet ceiling provide adequate vertical space to set up an elliptical. You can exercise without worrying about hitting your head on the ceiling.

However, it is possible that you have a ceiling of a lower height than 8 feet. With such, you need to be more careful when setting up the elliptical machine. You should have accurate measurements. To determine if ceiling height is suitable for an elliptical setup, add the machine’s step-up or step-on height to your height. If the total is less than the height of your ceiling, the space is perfect for elliptical machine installation.

It means even when standing on the equipment, your head is not touching the ceiling. Therefore, as you move up and down on the elliptical, there is no way your head will hit the ceiling. As mentioned before, if the space between your head and the ceiling is 4-6 inches, you can exercise without worrying about head injuries.

The step-up or step-on height is how high off the ground your elliptical appliance places you at its highest point during use.

Where should you put an elliptical in your home?

You should put an elliptical in your workout room in your home. However, you can also install it in your bedroom if there is room. That way, you can exercise from the comfort of your bedroom. The basement and garage are also fantastic spots for elliptical machines. However, make sure the ceiling height is sufficient for you to set up the tool.

The best elliptical for the home gym: Horizon Fitness 7.0 AE Elliptical Cross Trainer

Elliptical Machine Buying Guide 

Horizon Fitness 7.0 AE Cross Trainer

As one of the best ellipticals for home gyms, Horizon Fitness 7.0 AE cross trainer is a comfortable, easy, to use, sturdy machine that challenges you to work out harder and achieve more. You get to try out different resistance and incline levels to spice up your workouts. It is a modern exercise tool that allows you to use the attest media technologies for entertaining and fulfilling workout sessions.


Horizon Fitness 7.0 AE measures 76 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 65.5’’ high, and it weighs 192lbs. Keep in mind that 12 inches are equal to 1 foot.


Horizon Fitness 7.0 AE elliptical is a stylish, elegant machine with a flywheel at the front. That way, it does not take up much space, as is the case with ellipticals with flywheels at the center or the rear. However, 7.0 AE has a non-folding frame, which can be a disadvantage if you have limited storage space or when you need to move the equipment. The flywheel weighs 23 pounds, making 7.0 AE a stable workout tool.

The elliptical also comes with a 16 digit alphanumeric LED and a 7-inch LCD screen. It has a fan to keep it cool for optimal operation. With the device holder and bottle holder, you can exercise with your phone, tablet, and water near you for convenience.


On the Horizon Fitness 7.0 AE elliptical, you will be riding a stable machine with a heavy-duty flywheel for sturdiness. The frame has a 6-star rating to give you the peace of mind that you are using secure equipment. A sturdy frame keeps you in the ideal position during workouts and ensures comfort all the time. Besides, 7.0 AE has a rugged frame that guarantees performance and durability as well.


With the 20 levels of resistance and 0-100 % incline that Horizon Fitness incorporates in their 7.0 AE elliptical, you get to enjoy a variety of workout intensities that strengthen your body and improve your fitness prowess. Adjusting the incline or resistance is simple and fast. All you have to do is press a button. You also take charge of the machine using handlebar controls and quick-rotating dial.

The elliptical offers you several programs to use, such as 5k, calorie, manual, distance, fat burn, and maximum heart rate. The workout feedback you get shows you the calories burnt distance covered, your heart rate, the incline percentage, speed, and time. As for the maximum weight limit, this product can carry a user as heavy as 325lbs.


If you need to be entertained while working out or follow the steps in a workout tutorial, Horizon Fitness 7.0 AE offers you that advantage. It has Bluetooth connectivity and in-built speakers with clear, fantastic sound quality. Pair your mobile device with the elliptical and enjoy listening to your workout playlist. You can also watch a movie or catch up with a few episodes of your favorite series as you exercise.

The 7.0 AE also has a USB port that charges your gadgets fast. That way, you have a place to recharge your phone or tablet in case the battery power depletes, which is a huge convenience in case you are waiting for a crucial call, for example.

One more connectivity aspect to like about this brand is the Pro App. It is a workout application you can download from App Store or Google Playstore and install on your phone or tablet. It is a free app that allows you to control your workouts and it pushes your exercise information to fitness apps such as FitBit. That way, you can monitor your progress from one platform.

Ease of use

Horizon Fitness provides you with an elliptical that has a natural footpath. Besides, the handlebar spacing is comfortable to give you an easy time during an exercise. The low step-on height of 10 inches makes the 7.0 AE more comfortable to utilize. Enjoy the 20-inch stride length too.


Enjoy a lifetime warranty for the 7.0 AE frame. However, the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty for the generator, 3 years for parts, and 1 year for labor.

Final Thought

As you plan to equip your home gym with several tools, make sure an elliptical is among them. It is a great machine that lets you exercise with low impact unlike when using a treadmill. The fitness market offers a wide range of ellipticals to consider purchasing. They are available at varying price ranges and configurations. It is up to you to decide which brand fits in your budget.

However, always go for high-quality products with sturdy and long-lasting construction. That way, you get value for your money and you are sure of your safety when working out. Note that it is possible to find a quality, affordable elliptical for your home gym. Just because a product is less pricey than another does not mean it is less functional.

Horizon Fitness 7.0 AE is elliptical to consider buying. It is a high-quality brand with a stable frame weighing 23 pounds. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity, a workout app, and programs to help you achieve your fitness goals. Despite it having a non-folding frame, it has a front flywheel, thus does not take up much space, as is the case with rear flywheel elliptical.