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Reebok Fitness Deck Review 2022

The Reebok Fitness Deck is a versatile workout bench with 16 different types of configuration, including incline, decline, and a flat workout bench. It features a simple lock-foot adjustment, allowing the user to adjust to two different levels for workouts on a non-slip sweat-resistant surface.

If you ever wanted to expand your strength training to hit your fitness goals, this is the equipment to get. You can train using your body weight or get actual weights as you please. The Reebok Deck does not limit you to one method. It features a convenient storage compartment for your workout accessories and clips to attach your resistance tubes for a wide range of workouts.

Technical specifications

  • 48″ x 13″ x 8″ with 2 variable heights – 8″ or 14″
  • Secret storage compartment
  • Clips for resistance tube attachment
  • Simple lock foot adjustment
  • Two-level height adjustment
  • Non-slip sweat-resistant surface
  • Flat, Incline and Decline position support

Advantages and drawbacks of the Reebok Fitness Deck


  • The reebok deck is easy to carry, not as heavy as it looks.
  • Easy to open storage compartment.
  • Bobble surface grip which means no nuisance skids during workouts
  • Three-position support with simple-lock foot adjustment
  • Has clips -resistance band attachments


  • Uncomfortable to use for people over 6-feet tall
  • Doesn’t support heavyweights.
  • Pinch hazard -there have been complaints that while releasing the feet for extra height, your fingers might get pinched.

Who is the Reebok Deck for?

The Reebok Deck is a versatile workout platform for modern fitness enthusiasts with limited space or who want to be able to work out while on the go. It is compact and portable. Suitable for both novices and experienced exercisers. It is useful for weight loss exercises, core strength, and ab training, back exercises, biceps, delts, pecs, and other upper-body muscle-defining exercises.

Who is the Reebok Deck not for?

First of all, keep the fitness deck out of the reach of children and pets. Keep in mind that incorrect/excessive usage may result in injuries. The Reebok Deck is not made for heavy-weight workouts. Reebok advises against using any weights heavier than 15kg with the bench. Also, it does not support users weighing more than 330 lbs. And if exercises result in pain, check with your doctor; Perhaps the deck or the exercise may not be for you after all.

What Exercises and Muscles does the Deck Help Target?

The Reebok Fitness Deck expands your body weight and weight training workout options in the comfort of your home. Athletic workouts become easier and enjoyable when you build some strength. Here are the 10 power moves you can do on the Reebok fitness deck

1. Incline Push-Ups

Incline push-ups are advanced push-ups that help target the triceps, shoulders, and chest. You simply have to set the Reebok Deck at an incline and do your push-ups. There’s a secret compartment that also doubles up for the incline angle support. Incline push-ups help focus training on the upper body more than any other push-up style.

2. Lying Triceps Extension

A simple workout involves lying on your back on the flat deck surface and using dumbbells to target your triceps. You can also use a bar if you want, just ensure you work out using the right weight to avoid elbow injuries

3. Tricep Dip

For strengthening your triceps, consider doing bench dips. Bench dips are also great for your anterior deltoid, shoulder, and the front part of the shoulders.

4. Deck Pec Fly

This is another move for your chest and pecs, set the reebok deck flat or at an incline then work your upper body using a pair of dumbbells

5. Seated Bicep Curl

You can also use the good old seated bicep curls to work out your biceps. This is especially great while seated as you can isolate and target your biceps better.

6. Front Raise

With front raises, you now take your trapezius muscles to the limit using a combination of the reebok fitness deck and resistance tubes. Just secure the resistance tube under the Deck’s feet, then you can start on the signature moves while either seated or standing. Front raise is a good anterior deltoid workout too. If in a seated position, raise the top of the secret compartment to support your back.

7. Bulgarian Split Squat

The Bulgarian split squat is just a fancy name for the rear foot elevated split squat, i.e., raise one foot and rest it on the flat deck surface, then standing on one foot, start doing squats. Ensure you get the right distance between your standing position and the Deck for comfortable squats. You can add weights if you like. This exercise helps build glutes and strengthen leg muscles. Make sure to change the feet position, so you work both of them.

8. Standing Row

Set the Deck at an inclined position; that means you fold one leg. Next, clip a resistance tube under the other foot of the Deck. Lift your left leg, rest it on the deck surface, and then begin rowing your way to a great back. Make sure your elbows bend every time you bring the tubes into your pectoral muscles.

9. Low Row

To do the low rows, raise the top of the secret compartment, attach the tubes on it, sit on the floor, prop your feet in front up onto the Deck, and begin rowing your way to stronger shoulders and back.

10. Barbell Bench Press

Barbell bench presses are for your front delts and pectoral muscles. Set the secret Deck at an incline and lie on your back then use a bar to work out your pecs

Features of the Reebok Deck

As mentioned earlier, anyone will be quick to dismiss the Reebok deck as an expensive chunk of plastic until you take it out of the box and feel how strong it is. The Reebok Deck comes already assembled so you can get to working out straight away. It is available in black and red. Features of the Reebok deck include:

Superior build

This fitness deck can take some amount of abuse without breaking down. It is made of high-quality plastic, compact in size, a bit heavier than it looks, with a low center of gravity for safety and stability and rubber grips, so there’s no skidding as you break a sweat.

Storage Compartment

You don’t have to worry about the storage for your dumbbells and other workout accessories; the Deck features a secret compartment that doubles as an incline. When you are done with your training, just pop it open and stash in your accessories to keep your gym tidy.

Multiple Position Support Bench

The Deck can be configured in 16 different styles, including a flat, inclined, or decline weight bench to add some resistance to the workout and build more strength.

Two-level height adjustment

The Deck’s 20.5cm height makes it a good Step-deck for your low impact aerobics. But in case you want to increase the intensity, you can elevate it to 35.5cm by using the red lever to pop out the legs. To incline, just pop one of the legs in and leave the other out. The inclined position provides good resistance for sit-ups and stomach crunches.

Reebok Deck Alternative

Finding an alternative fitness accessory that is as fairly priced and as versatile as the Reebok Deck is hard. You want to get the best workout platform for your money, and only two products come close.

The Escape Fitness Deck 2.0

The Escape Fitness Deck 2.0 includes BODYPUMP, circuits, Bootcamp, and stepping sessions that have a lot in common with the Reebok Fitness Deck. It’s loved by users worldwide. However, this fitness bench costs slightly more than the Reebok Deck due to strong steel tubing on the adjustable backrest for extra support.

Click here for a full review of the Escape Fitness Deck 2.0

The Power Systems Fitness Deck vs Reebok Deck

The Power Systems Fitness Deck is another good alternative to the Reebok Deck. It includes a majority of features as Escape fitness and Reebok Deck. But unlike Reebok Fitness Deck, it supports users of up to 330lbs. But just like the Escape Fitness Deck, you are going to have to dip in your pocket a little bit more than the Reebok Deck.

Closing Thoughts

Aside from a few minor technical misses, the Reebok Deck is still a versatile platform for a variety of powerful bodyweight and weight training. It is great for both beginners and professional exercisers. The other advantage is it looks heavier than it actually is, meaning you can transport it anywhere, and the storage compartment is going to help you keep your workout space tidy. Plus, there is a workout DVD to guide you through the moves. How great is that?