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Tension Toner Review – Portable Home Gym

Tension Toner is a foldable workout bar designed to make resistance band workouts more effective. The Tension Toner workout bar has a built-in resistance that works multiple muscles at once. By keeping the bars separated under tension, it encourages you to multitask your muscles for more effective workouts.

This allows you to exercise your back, trapezius and rear shoulder muscles to make them stronger. The Tension Toner is a great addition to any home gym.

Tension Toner Exercises

Some of the exercises you can do using the Tension Toner includes back raise, bicep curl, shoulder press, triceps pull-down, incline chest press fly, and underhand bent-over row. The manufacturer offers more than 70 workout clips to guide you on how to exercise various muscle groups in your body.

Tension Toner Pros & Cons


  • Supports fat burning, weight loss, and lean muscle building
  • High quality and well-built
  • TSA-friendly
  • Requires little space to use
  • Versatile and cost-friendly
  • Convenient and usable anywhere


  • The resistance band at the center can be too taut for some users to handle
  • It might take some time to get used to the bar
  • The accessories carry bag needs quality improvement
  • Quickstart guide is printed on a background that affects readability

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Who is it for?

Tension Toner is ideal for users who want to exercise at home, or who like to take their workouts along when traveling or on vacation. Ideal for small spaces.

Tension Toner allows you to build lean muscles and strength, especially in their shoulders and back. It is also usable for the lower body, where you use your feet instead of your arms when working out.

If you tend to travel a lot, you need a workout tool that is usable wherever you go. This product is such equipment. It is lightweight takes up little space in your carry-on bag, thus convenient for on-the-go use. If you have a home gym, the Toner is also perfect for you. It provides a full-body workout. That way, you do not have to go to the gym. Get to work out from the comfort of your home and stay fit.

Who is it not for?

The Tension Toner is not for people trying to become bodybuilders or training for the strong man contest.

Who invented the Tension Toner?

The brain behind Tension Toner goes by the name Joe Sans. He is a personal trainer. His grandfather motivated him to invent the workout equipment after he taught him towel exercises. From there, he came up with the Tension Toner to enable others enjoy the benefits it has to offer. After a shoulder injury at the gym, San used the Toner to work out instead of weight training. In the end, the tool helped to rehabilitate his shoulder.

Note that the model allows you to exercise your muscles in two planes of motion. Tension Toner helps you develop all muscle groups in your body instead of having over-developed or under-developed muscles. With it, you get to exercise muscles that you might neglect when using other types of fitness machines, such as the bar, rear shoulders, and trapezius. When you have a muscle imbalance, you strain your shoulders, which makes you vulnerable to injuries.

Sans states that Tension Toner assists users to lose weight, prevent injuries, build muscle, and rehabilitate joints. It is usable on a daily basis. Therefore, it would be an excellent idea to include it in your workout routine and reap the benefits it has to offer.

Tension Toner Specs

  • Weighs 1.5pounds
  • 3 resistance levels
  • 16-inches long when folded
  • Provides 10 and 30-minute workouts

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Tension Toner Features

Design and construction

Tension Toner is a lightweight, compact resistance equipment that provides versatile full-body workouts. You can install it wherever you are, as long as you get a secure anchor spot. The manufacturer provides a door anchor for indoor use. You can install it at the bottom of the door, the top, or on the side. That way, you are in a position to exercise in different ways. Anyone can use this tool no matter your fitness skill level.

The product comes fully assembled. You can start working out immediately you open the box, and you do not have to worry about assembly problems. It also folds in half to save on storage space and make it easy for you to carry in your travel bag, for example.


Tension Toner has an in-built resistance band that enriches your workouts. It also incorporates a tension adjuster on the ends if you need more challenging workouts. You have three levels of resistance to use. The tool is not only for strengthening your arms and back but also great for your hips and lower body. You can also do squats with this product.


The manufacturer makes the Tension Toner with a split bar design. It maintains equal tension on both sides of your body. Besides, the product has a resistance band in the middle. When you pull the bar apart, your muscles work harder to allow you to build strength. Ensure the strap at the center of the bar is tight during workouts for efficiency. Otherwise, if it is not taut when you pull apart the bar, it means you are not using it right. Correct that mistake, and you will be sure of having productive workouts.

Tension Toner Workouts

Tension Toner offers users both 10-minutes and half an hour online workout programs alongside the over 70 exercise clips. With these, you get a comprehensive guide on how to get the most out of the resistance trainer. When you do not have much on your side, the 10-minute workout will benefit your body, instead of not exercising at all.

With the different workouts, you are in a position to burn fat, build muscle, and strengthen your muscles and joints. Get to improve your posture, balance, performance, and coordination.

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Types of packages Tension Toner provides

Tension Toner provides two purchase options. You can either purchase the basic package or go with the deluxe pack. The difference between the two lies in the number of resistance bands they come with and price.

If you buy the deluxe pack, you get five resistance bands with varying colors. The yellow one offers 4 pounds of resistance, blue provides 6 pounds, green is 12 pounds, black is 20 pounds, while the red band offers you 30 pounds of resistance. The basic package has two bands only. One of them provides 2-4 pounds of resistance, while the other offers 15-20 pounds resistance.

Nevertheless, both packages come with a tension toner, two handle attachments, a door anchor, a clinch bag for carrying accessories and bands, and a quick start guide. Besides, both packages allow you to enjoy 10 and 30 minutes workouts.

The fitness industry offers other resistance workout tools besides Tension Toner. There are factors to keep in mind to ensure you purchase the correct resistance equipment. The first thing that should come to mind is the quality of the resistance product you intend to buy. It should have strong, sturdy construction to ensure your safety when exercising.

Check the straps to ensure they are made from strong, durable material. That way, you can pull them as you work out without worrying about your safety. Besides, a model that folds for easy storage and portability is worth considering.

Apart from the quality and construction of resistance exercise tools, how adjustable they are is crucial as well. You do not want to purchase a brand with fixed resistance. Go for equipment that provides more resistance options to spice up your workouts and offer you challenging experiences. If you are new to resistance training, a fitness tool with variable resistance makes it easier for you to find a comfortable level to begin with before advancing to more demanding resistance settings.

Tension Toner provides you three levels of resistance. That is not all. It comes with two resistance bands of varying weights. You can always alternate between them for a more or less strenuous workout. Remember, the company also provides a deluxe package that entails five resistance bands of varying weights for versatility.

Why choose Tension Toner?

We have already covered many of the reasons as to why you should purchase Tension Toner. It is a lightweight, high-quality product that is easy to carry around, including when you are traveling. It also takes up little space in your home or hotel room.

Set up is super simple. The manufacturer provides a door anchor to help with installation. If you like, you can use it outdoors as well. With its adjustability, you can work out at varying resistance levels.

Buy this model because it allows you to do 10-minute and 30-minute exercises to save you time and get the workout you need even with limited time. Besides, the manufacturer provides over 70 exercise clips to guide you on how to enrich your workout sessions. Remember, Joe Sans invented Tension Toner, and he is a personal trainer. He understands the benefits that come with using it.

You can contact the Tension Toner manufacturer at any time. They are available on a 24-hour basis throughout the week. That way, you do not have to deal with the frustrations of delayed feedback.

Closing Thoughts

Tension Toner has a lot to offer. It helps with recovery after injuries and weight loss, among other things. Regarding design, the model is a sturdy, well-built product that gives you the resistance you need to exercise different muscle groups in your body. It is easy to use and adjustable for convenience.

Nevertheless, one user claims the strap in the middle of the bar can be a bit tight for some users, making it hard to exercise. Nevertheless, Tension Toner is a product worth using. It is high quality, versatile, and usable in outdoor and outdoor settings. Just because the strap might be taut for some users does not mean you will experience the same challenge. That should not bar you from trying out this resistance system from the comfort of your home.

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