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OYO Personal Gym Review – Portable All In One Gym

The OYO Personal Gym is a small portable home gym that is designed to allow you to do all of the workouts and exercises you would do at the gym in the comfort of your own home, at work, or even when you are traveling.

The OYO Personal Gym (Amazon) uses NASA technology to replace heavyweights but still get you the same results that you would see if you spent hours in the gym lifting. Thanks to SpiraFlex technology, you’ll see real results fast! Patented DoubleFlex (push and pull) activation provides resistance to opposite sides of muscle groups with each repetition you complete, so you build a balanced body in less time than you would at a traditional gym.

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  • You can workout anywhere
  • Easy to travel with
  • See real results fast
  • Total body workout
  • No heavyweights
  • Easily sculpt and tone
  • Great customer service


  • Some parts of the product may slip during use
  • Maybe awkward to use when you are learning
  • Desired exercises with the OYO may be awkward/difficult to attempt for some people

OYO Exercise Chart

To get a closer look and see all the exercises you can do with this portable home gym click here: EXERCISE CHART (PDF)

Who is the OYO Personal Gym suitable for?

The OYO Personal Gym is a versatile piece of equipment that is great for anyone who does not like to spend time at the actual gym. The OYO is customizable to your individual fitness level. For example, you can add weights as you get stronger from using the OYO.

You will also have access to an unlimited number of exercises with the OYO. The OYO can help you to achieve a full-body workout, build muscle, increase flexibility and burn fat. It can also help you to strengthen your chest, back, arms and core, all while increasing cardio endurance. Essentially, the OYO does what all of the workout machines at the gym do in much less time.

If you are worried that the OYO is not for you because you are not looking to get buff, there are programs to simply keep you in shape. Some of these programs target flexibility or maintaining your body weight. Additionally, there are yoga routines that you can complete with the OYO.

What’s Unique and special about OYO personal gym?

The OYO personal gym is unique because you can take it literally anywhere, but this is not the only factor that makes it a unique piece of workout equipment. The OYO is equipped with SpiraFlex powered Resistive Exercise Device that was developed by OYO Fitness founder Paul Francis to help astronauts at NASA maintain bone and muscle in zero gravity conditions.

This means that you can lose the heavyweights but still get the resistance with the OYO Personal Gym system. This also means that you do not have to worry about adding dangerous resistance bands to your workout. With this innovative technology, you’ll be able to burn twice the amount of calories that you would with a typical gym workout. This means you will see real results, fast!

10 Week Challenge

Another unique element of the OYO Personal Gym is that when you purchase the product you have the opportunity to participate in a “Ten Week Challenge.” Unlike other workouts that start at a certain time (eg. right after the New Year) the workouts for the Ten Week Challenge are available on OYO’s website so you can start whenever you get the product and progress at your own pace.

These videos are great for individuals at any fitness level, so do not worry about getting behind or feeling overwhelmed. If you are struggling to motivate yourself to workout, you can also view the progress of other individuals who have completed the Ten Week Challenge on OYO’s website. On their website, you’ll see individuals of all sizes and ages who were able to achieve real results with the OYO Personal Gym.

Nutrition Guide

Another unique aspect of the OYO Personal Gym is that you also receive a nutrition guide. This is something that most fitness companies make you pay extra for, but OYO has thrown in as an added bonus. The fitness plan isn’t “one size fits all” either. First, you’ll choose what your goal is.

You have the option to chose to work towards losing weight or getting fit and strong. Next, you’ll look through the guide and chose the nutrition plan that will work best for your lifestyle and the goal that you selected. After that, you’ll choose a plan (it could be the Ten Week Challenge) and then get started working towards your goals.

When you chose to work towards a healthier nutrition plan, you’ll see results even faster than you would expect to if you just used the OYO Personal Gym by itself. Plus, a healthier nutritional plan will give you more energy which may motivate you to work out with the OYO even more!

The nutritional plan also comes with handy tools like a Weight Loss Calculator and a Fit and Strong Calculator to help you reach your goals. The guide is easy to read and includes tips for overall nutrition and lists foods that you are approved to eat. It then breaks down meal plans in terms of your calorie goal for the day (which you will calculate using one of the calculators mentioned above).

To learn more about their diet and nutrition program click here: OYO NUTRITION GUIDE (PDF)

Who is the creator of OYO Personal Gym?

The creator of the OYO Personal Gym is Paul Francis, who is also Founder/CEO of the company. As mentioned previously, Paul Francis designed the SpiraFlex powered Resistive Exercise Device to help astronauts get an effective workout in at the international space station.

Paul Francis also licensed SpiraFlex technology to Nautilus Inc. and helped to develop their Bowflex Revolution home gym. The Bowflex Revolution home gym has seen immense success in terms of sales, bringing in over $250 million.

Paul Francis works with his team to make exercise accessible to anyone, anywhere. He does this by developing not only the exercise equipment itself but also virtual exercise classes and tutorials to ensure that his customers have everything they need to embark on their own unique fitness journey. Specifically, there are over 60 workouts available and 197 exercises at the time of this publication.

How does it work?

The OVO Personal Gym works similarly to traditional resistance bands in that you will place one side of the OVO in each hand and perform a variety of exercises. The difference is that the OVO Personal Gym has added weight resistance in the middle of the device.

Luckily, the product itself weighs just two pounds so you will be able to perform a variety of exercises and stretches with it without strain. When you are using the OVO Personal Gym, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you do not have to worry about dropping heavy weights on yourself or recruiting someone to spot you during your exercise.

What You’ll Get

The OYO Personal Gym LE (Amazon) includes one 5 lb and two 10 lb FlexPacks. Each FlexPack has 25 lbs of resistance. The kit also includes leg & door anchors a nutrition guide, an exercise wall chart, and access to free video downloads. On top of all of this, if you purchase OYO Personal Gym PRO you will receive access to the free OYO Coaching App for Apple iPhone users. The product also comes with a full 3-year warranty.

The Verdict: OYO Personal Gym

Overall, the OYO Personal Gym is one of the more affordable pieces of exercise equipment available on the market today. The value for the price is truly unbeatable considering you are getting access to multiple gym machines in one device that is compact and easy to travel with. Additionally, when you purchase the OYO Personal Gym PRO you will have access to their exclusive exercises and workouts along with a convenient app if you are an iPhone user.

The founder is invested in his company, as evidenced by his success with the iconic Bowflex which is now a household name. In addition to the product itself and the workouts, you’ll also get a nutritional guide that is full of tools to help you experience success.

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