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Tension Toner vs. Gorilla Bow

As you search for different tools for your home gym or on-the-go workouts, one of the models you will come across is resistance-training equipment. The fitness industry offers a wide range of products to consider buying, and they include Tension Toner and Gorilla Bow.

Despite the two brands allowing you to work out against varying resistance levels, they differ in various aspects. Therefore, what is the difference between Tension Toner and Gorilla Bow anyway?

The difference between Tension Toner and Gorilla Bow is that the Gorilla Bow takes the shape of an actual bow used in archery while the Tension Toner is a workout bar that has built-in resistance. While both models give you a full-body workout, Tension Toner allows you to exercise groups of muscles that tend to be ignored, such as your back and shoulders. However, with Gorilla Bow, you are in a position to engage different muscles of your body during workouts.

Tension TonerGorilla Bow
Weight:1.5 lbs6 lbs
Lenght:16 inches56 inches
Exercises:Over 70N/A

Tension Toner

What does Tension Toner have to offer you? It is a foldable workout bar consisting of a split design. It has a resistance band at the center, which is the spot at which you fold the tool into two when not in use to save pace and for portability.

When folded, this model has a length of 16 inches only. It weighs 1.5lbs only, allowing you to strengthen your pulling and stabilizer muscle groups easily. Besides, it comes fully assembled to let you begin exercising right out of the box. The manufacturer provides 70 exercise clips in addition to 10-minute and 30-minute online workout programs.

With this product, you get a full-body workout from the comfort of your home, hotel room, or outdoors. It comes with an in-built resistance band and a tension adjuster at one end. Enjoy the three levels of resistance built into the bar.

It has a feature that shows you whether you are working out the right way. It is the band in the middle. When exercising, it should be tight. If it appears bent, you are not doing it right. It means your muscles are not working as hard as they should, which affects the effectiveness of your workouts.

Pull the bar apart to exercise and develop both small and large muscles. Besides using your arms, you can also work out using your feet on the Tension Toner.

The manufacturer provides you with two purchase options. You can either buy the basic package that includes two resistance bands of 2-4lbs and 15-20lbs resistance, or go for the deluxe bundle that entails five bands of 4lbs, 6lbs, 12lbs, 20lbs, and 30lbs resistances. Both packs come with a door anchor, clinch bag, quick start guide, two handle attachments, and access to exercise video library and digital workout programs.

Tension Toner Resistance Bands (Amazon)


  • Utilizes latex-free bands
  • Simple to use
  • Offers adjustability features
  • Cost-friendly and versatile
  • Well-built, high-quality, TSA-friendly


  • The band at the center can be taught for some users to get used to
  • The accessory bag is not high quality
  • Beginners might need some time to get used to the bar

Who is Tension Toner suitable for?

Tension Toner is suitable for those who want to develop and strengthen muscles while also burning fat fast without using gym equipment. If you feel your back and shoulders are not getting the workout they deserve, this workout bar can help exercise these parts of your body. You do not have to go to the gym.

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Gorilla Bow

One thing that the manufacturer of Gorilla Bow got right is the type of material they use in making the tool. They use aircraft-grade aluminum that is heat-treated to T6. Such a construction makes this model robust and tough enough to stand up to 300lbs of tension. It can handle the involving pulling exercises. There is no need to worry about the bow breaking or bending because it will not. Besides, the company offers a 2-year warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

On portability, Gorilla Bow is not as portable as Tension Toner. For starters, it does not fold and is 56 inches long, which makes it hard to fit in a travel bag. Tension Toner, on the other hand, has a length of 16 inches when folded. Even if stretched out, it will measure around 32 inches long, which is shorter than Gorilla Bow’s 56 inches. However, the length of the bow has an advantage. It gives you an easy time when doing various exercises, including squats and overhead presses, among other workouts that involve stretching the bands.

The brand weighs 6lbs, which is higher than the Tension Toner’s 1.5lbs. However, you can do many exercises using the bow besides squats, such as bench press, bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder presses, standing lunges, and rowing. Get to engage your core, shoulders, and chest. It provides total body exercise, letting you build muscle, lose weight, and tone your body with reduced joint stress.

Changing tension on the Gorilla Bow is easy and fast. It takes seconds. The tool has a flex claw at each end that allows easy installation and removal of bands. The four resistance bands are heavy-duty to make your workouts more challenging. You can use the 10lbs, 30lbs, 32lbs, or 45lbs band depending on your skill level. These options make the bow ideal for beginners and advanced users as well. The four bands amount to a total of 107lbs resistance. Besides, Gorilla Bow’s 45lbs are more than the maximum 30lbs resistance that Tension Toner is offering.

Like Tension Toner, Gorilla Bow offers two purchase choices original and heavy. The first variation, also called the basic pack, is the one that comes with four bands, while the heavy bundle has eight. Get to tone your glutes, arm, abs, and legs, as you enjoy your cardio workouts too.

That is not all. The Gorilla Bow manufacturer also gives you access to a library of free workout videos to guide you in building and toning your muscles.

Gorilla Bow Resistance Bands (Amazon)


  • Made of sturdy, durable material
  • Has a modern, lightweight design
  • Air-craft grade
  • Simple and effective
  • Includes a carry bag for the bands
  • Offer an excellent warranty period on everything


  • Uses bands that are 100% latex, which is not ideal for users with allergies.
  • It is heavier than Tension Toner

Who is Gorilla Bow suitable for?

Gorilla Bow is suitable for classic and consistent users. If you want to work out the traditional way with a bow and resistance bands, this brand suits you. It will assist you to burn calories and get lean with minimal or no joint stress. However, if you want to develop large muscle mass, the bow may not be the right tool for that purpose.

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Closing Thoughts

Both Gorilla Bow and Tension Toner are helpful, portable, home gym equipment. They are easy to use though they need some getting used to if you are a beginner. However, once you familiarize yourself with the models, you can enjoy full-body workouts from home.

While the Tension Toner bar lets you reach forgotten muscles such as your back and shoulders, the Gorilla Bow introduces you to interesting workout experiences. Nevertheless, both models use resistance bands of varying strengths to enrich your exercise sessions. Despite the products’ shortcomings, they are worth trying considering they have a lot more to offer, including effectiveness, convenience, and safety.