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Core Workout Equipment: 7 Best Rated Abdominal Exercise Equipment

An impressive midsection with lean, sculpted six-packs and chiseled obliques symbolizes physical and health fitness. Unfortunately, getting into this ripped, sexy form has been a bit daunting because the exercises, regimens, and workout tools on the market have either been too easy for pros or too complicated for beginners.

Well, all that is changing now. Manufacturers and designers of health and fitness products have been listening and incorporating consumer preferences into their manufacturing processes, bringing forth easy-to-use dynamic workout tools for all core strength and abs training levels. With the following DIY-design workout equipment, you can set-up your home gym and begin on some ab-ripping workouts. Some are even ultra-portable so that you can train for sexy and carved obliques anywhere anytime.

Best Rated Abdominal Exercise Equipment Are:

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts

The Ab Carver Pro is a specially designed roller with a unique, wide spherical wheel and patented carbon steel spring mechanism to provide the user with resistance as he/she rolls out and some assistance during rollback.

Benefits of the Ab Craver Pro

Rarely will you find a uniquely designed ab wheel as the Ab Carver Pro. Unlike the flat wheel ab rollers that offer nothing extra, the Ab carver features ultra-wide spherical wheels and non-slip angled handles to optimize muscles and arm engagement and thoroughly train the deep core. You can train the lower, middle, and upper abs as you roll out and back. You can also pivot to the left and right and engage your obliques for an overall impressive midsection.

The Best features of the Ab Craver Pro

  • Resistance rolling out with carbon steel spring mechanism.
  • Assistance roll back so you can roll out further and get back to your starting position with some help.
  • Ultra-wide wheels for increased balance and stability as you carve right or left to train all ab muscles.
  • Removable non-slip angled handles to fully engage the arm and for easy carriage and storage too.

About the brand and warranty

Ab Craver Pro is a product of the Perfect Fitness brand. It’s a 2.04kg ab wheel from China with a 1-year warranty. Only use it if you are under 300 lbs.

Ab Coaster MAX Machine Exercise Equipment

The Ab Coaster Max is a world-famous core training machine for home gyms. It includes a padded freestyle seat and arms. You sit on your knees, then pull on the padded handles and drag your body up and down in flawless motions. The unique body position creates constant core contraction as you move, helping target lower middle and upper abs simultaneously. You can also twist the seat and work your obliques. Or simply glide side-to-side for an express ab-toning exercise.

Benefits of the Ab Coaster Max

It’s hard to find a home fitness equipment that suits the entire market. Makers of home fitness equipment often end up designing their tools too easy for experienced fitness enthusiasts or too complicated for beginners. The Ab Coaster Max avoids these pitfalls. It does not use complex movements. Both beginners and pros are going to find it suitable.

As you move up, you target your lower, middle, and upper abs simultaneously. As you pull back down, you once again target the same muscles in reverse. In the end, you comprehensively workout your core.

Best features of the Ab Coaster Max

  • It weighs approximately 25kgs, measures 48.1 by 15.3 by 14.1 inches, and arrives pre-assembled.
  • Padded freestyle seat and handles for extra comfort
  • Digital display to keep track of your workout
  • Lateral moving seat to work your side muscles as well
  • Durable quality construction
  • Bars are included on the seat so you can use weight discs.

About the brand and warranty

The Ab Coaster Max is manufactured by Ab Coaster for the Tristar Products Inc brand. It is the best-selling ab/core workout equipment used in over 4000 fitness facilities across the globe, and now you can get it for a multifunction use in your home gym. The company is not clear about return policies and warranty, though, but the build materials are high-quality without compromising the weight. On proper usage, it can serve you for years without failing.

XMark Adjustable Decline Ab Workout Bench

A sit-up bench is an excellent addition to a home gym, especially if it is uniquely designed as the XMark Adjustable Decline Ab Workout Bench. It supports users and weights combinations of up to 400lbs and can be used for crunches, planks, and various other exercises apart from sit-ups.

Benefits of XMark Adjustable Decline Ab Bench

Whether it is toning your abs or shaping your waist, the XMark is designed for all training levels. It is a decline adjustable sit-up bench style with 12 dedicated adjustment angles on a 47-inch long bar using a leg holder and pop-up pin. Simply mount the bench and sit on it then start doing your sit-ups.

Expect no back pains when exercising on the XMark. The leg holder is positioned in a way that minimizes discomfort and increases efficiency. It nicely contoured 4-inch roller pads and extra-thick vinyl cushions that are tear and sweat-resistant.

Features of the XMark

  • Features a bullhorn handlebar for effortless mount and dismounting
  • 12 dedicated levels of decline
  • Supports up to 400lbs weight
  • 40-inch long backboard with 2.5-inch cushion padding for comfort and durability

About the brand and warranty

The XMark adjustable decline ab bench is a product of XMark Fitness. You can always trust the XMark brand for simple solutions to set up your home gym for comprehensive workouts. The XMark ab bench is sturdy and relatively easy to assemble. It can be used by trainers at all levels and carries a lifetime warranty.

Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair

Comparing Marcy adjustable hyperextension Roman Chair to $500+ professional gym equipment is like comparing apples to oranges, yet when you take into consideration its surprisingly low price tag and extremely well-designed build, this piece of workout equipment is a steal at anything less than $500. If you’re looking for a secondary piece of equipment that’s not bulky and can fit in your home with ease, the Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair comes highly recommended.


It measures 34.5 inches long by 28.5 inches wide by 34.5 inches high, and it weighs a total of 42 lbs. Despite its compact appearance, it can support up to 300 lbs of weight.

Product description

  • Thickly padded seat
  • Padded assist handles
  • Heavy-gauge 2-inch by 2-inch steel tube frame for long-lasting durability
  • Powder coat finishes for enhanced resilience.
  • Non-slip foot covers
  • The roller is padded with high-density foam, and its height can be adjusted using a knob.
  • Adjustable ankle pads

Product warranty

This hyperextension roman chair comes with a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty that covers the frame and all the components and accessories, plus defective workmanship.

About the brand

Marcy is the brainchild of Walter Marcyan, a heavyweight lifting champion in the late 30s to early 40s, who famously trained at Muscle Beach and worked with bodybuilding pioneers like Jack LaLanne and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Marcy Gymnasium Equipment Company was formed in 1959, and it has since evolved into a supplier of innovative products for home and commercial applications. The brand manufactures exercise bikes, treadmills, weight benches, and an assortment of home gym equipment with a focus on professional quality and resilience.

XMark Commercial Vertical Knee Raise

The XMark Commercial Vertical Knee Raise is a multi-functional core workout equipment for home gyms. The push-up station helps target chest muscles while the dip station focuses on the core and abdominal muscles; in the end, what you get is a comprehensive upper body workout.

Benefits of the XMark Commercial Vertical Knee Raise

Anyone enthusiastic about targeting their abs, obliques, and hip flexors is going to find this equipment wonderful. It features ergonomically spaced twin dip handles to help engage those arms and shoulders as you support yourself to raise your legs.

It is simple to use workout tool, without any complex movement that may result in aches because you stretched your muscles and bones out of shape and position. Commercial grade cushions and rubber paddings cover the twin handles for extra comfort.

Features of the XMark commercial VKR

  • Multifunctional home gym station for captain’s chair leg raises and push-ups.
  • Tough skid-resistant feet to protect your floors.
  • Durable construction

About the brand and warranty

You can always trust the XMark brand to take in customer’s views and implement them in their product. The upgraded XMark commercial VKR features high-density cushion paddings and rubber grips that are tear and sweat resistant. The rubber grips cover the handles completely just as users of the predecessor XM VKR requested. This product also carries a lifetime warranty.

Rodeo Core Compact Core Trainer

The Rodeo Core Compact Core exerciser is a simple to use workout equipment that simulates riding on horseback to help work those lumbar muscles, thighs, glutes, and abs. It features a 40rpm saddle, a footrest and an adjustable seat with easy-grip handles. Simply sit and start rocking to engage your abs. You can also use dumbbells for hands-free rocking motion and work your arms as well.

Advantages of the Rodeo Exerciser

Saddle up and begin people, working your legs, thighs and buttocks just became more fun. The Rodeo exerciser is a compact and lightweight personal gym equipment that requires no electricity. You can use it anywhere anytime, even workout, while watching the telly because it operates quietly.

Setting up the Rodeo exerciser is not tricky; it arrives mostly assembled; all you are required to do is fit on the foot pedals, which takes less than 5 minutes. A 10-minute session on the Rodeo exerciser burns as many calories as you would doing 200 sit-ups.

Features of the Rodeo Exerciser

  • A 40-rpm saddle that runs quietly and without the use of electricity
  • A 13” X 8.75” adjustable seat with an easy-grip handle
  • The footrest is adjustable to a user’s body size
  • Measures 28” X 28” X 22.5”
  • 16.01 kgs

About the brand and warranty

The Rodeo exerciser is a product of the Daiwa brand. It is manufactured by U.S. Jaclean Inc, a California based manufacturer with over 35 years of experience bringing healing workout equipment to Americans. The Rodeo exerciser carries 2 years parts warranty and a 1-year labor warranty. Returns are not acceptable after a month.

Core Max Pro with Resistance Bands

The Core Max Pro combines levers and resistance bands into a powerful workout tool for your midsection. According to the manufacturer and reviewers, you can build sexy abs training 8 minutes a day using the Core Max Pro.

Benefits of the Core Max Pro

You can do resistance band training using the Core Max Pro. You can choose from 3 levels of resistance, and the support provided by the levers will help minimize the discomfort on your back and joints. This system offers double action support that halves the training time because you will be doing cardiovascular and resistance training simultaneously. You can also do sit-ups on the Core Max Pro.

The Core Max Pro is not difficult to assemble at all since it arrives almost ready for use. You only need to set it straight by adjusting the levers to your preferred level of intensity and get started. It is also convenient for storage as the arms fold flat for stashing under your couch or bed.

Features of Core Max Pro

  • Adjustable arms for various levels of intensity
  • No assembly needed
  • 3 levels of resistance
  • Includes nutritional guide, workout videos, and a meal chart
  • Supports up to 220lbs weight users

About the brand and warranty

Core Max Pro is a product from the Core Max brand and manufactured by Star Uno. It is the 64th best-selling core strength and ab exerciser on amazon. You can request warranty info and customer service from the manufacturer.

Stealth Core Trainer Professional

The Stealth trainer is a simple balancing board that combines patented 360-degree planking technology and a smartphone app into dynamic core strength and full-body workout tool.

Benefits of the Stealth Core Trainer

The Stealth core is not sophisticated at all. It is designed to make those grueling ab toning and core strength workouts easy. In fact, this is a simple DIY design. There is a swiveling base underneath the board that elevates, making a 360-degree rotation spin possible. It comes with a smartphone app called Game Your Core. Insert your smartphone into the board in landscape mode to run the app and start gaming to achieve points. The shifting, twisting, and tilting during the game help engage your abs, glutes, obliques, and lower back.

Features of the Stealth Core Trainer

  • An interactive core trainer and the first of its kind
  • Patented 360-degree plank technology
  • Includes a smartphone app

About the brand and warranty

The Stealth Core Trainer is a product of the Stealth Body Fitness. There are two versions of the Stealth Core Trainer available. If you want something that handles more weight, go for the Stealth Professional. It is constructed using tougher materials in the U.S for use in commercial and home gyms. It only cost about $300. If you weigh below 250 lbs., the China-made Stealth Personal cost only $250.You can request warranty information from the manufacturer.

There you go now; say goodbye to a chubby tummy and welcome those six-packs and carved obliques in style. Keep in mind that an impressive midriff is not only sexy but also stabilizes your core, assisting in breathing, movement, support, and balance. A deep breath helps calm the nerves; belly fat, on the other hand, leads to anxiety. So, if you can’t do it to look sexier, do it for your mental health. You are going to feel great having a sexy stomach, alright.