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10 Best Quiet Rowing Machines for Apartments and Small Spaces 2023

Working out from home is very convenient because you may lack time to head out to the gym or maybe you are uncomfortable doing your daily exercises in front of strangers. If you are considering setting up a home gym, then make sure to include an indoor rowing machine.

Basically, this machine mimics rowing action through water, giving you a thorough workout that sculpts your back, glutes, and hamstrings, while also improving your aerobic fitness.

However, you need to get the best indoor rowing machine if you are to enjoy all these workout benefits. Since there are quite many of them available in the market, here are our top picks that you should consider.

Here are the 10 best quiet rowing machines for apartments and small spaces:

Best Rowing Machine for Apartments

Compact Rowing Machine

The Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine (Amazon) rounds up this list with their relatively affordable 1050 rower which runs on an adjustable hydraulic cylinder.

The machine has a sturdy steel frame with an overall size of 58.25 x 42.5 x 18.125 inches when assembled and can support a maximum weight of 250 pounds.

Foam padded grips are attached to the handles for comfort and non-slip use while an ergonomic molded seat gives you the comfort required to support your body weight.


  • LCD performance monitor.
  • Folding arms for a compact storage size.
  • Textured anti-slip foot pedals with adjustable straps.
  • Full range rowing motion.

As stated earlier, Stamina is the leader in making affordable, high-quality rowers and with this 1050, you get a 1-year warranty for the frame and a 90-day warranty for the parts.

Rowing Machine for Small Spaces

If you are on a tight budget, this rower from Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 (Amazon) is your best bet because it is very affordable. Despite this, it is well-equipped and runs on a hydraulic cylinder with 12 adjustable resistance levels.

The machine has an inclined design that gives an excellent cardiovascular workout while also improving joint mobility to the knees, shoulders, and hips. It is also quite compact in size, measuring 54 x 20 x 23 inches, and can carry a maximum of 220 pounds in weight.


  • LCD monitor for showing the performance metrics.
  • Comfortable cushioned seat.
  • Textured foot pedals with adjustable foot straps.
  • Foam padded handles.

With a commitment to your body fitness success, Sunny Health and Fitness gives you this rower with a 3-year structural frame warranty plus a 180-day parts warranty, giving you some security for your investment.

Upright Rowing Machine

One problem that the Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist Row-N-Ride solves is the issue of sore calves. It is designed to isolate your glutes and thigh muscles, so it’s perfect for anyone looking to make the most out of their squat routines. This fitness equipment is exactly what you need to tone your lower back muscles without experiencing soreness in your legs and upper back.


It measures 36.5 inches long by 19 inches wide by 37 inches high when set up, and when folded, it shrinks to just 9.5 inches long by 19 inches wide by 56 inches high. It weighs about 24.5 pounds, which is remarkable since it can support up to 220 pounds of real weight.

Product description

  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Ergonomic adjustable handlebar with multiple grips and grip positions
  • Adjustable seat with extra padding
  • Self-leveling foot pedal with a textured surface to improve footing
  • Digital monitor that tracks calories, time, count, and total count
  • Three adjustable resistance bands that deliver approximately 22 lbs of resistance each
  • Squat depth is adjustable thanks to flexible saddle angle (can move from 30 to 60 to 90 degrees depending on how much depth you need)
  • Lightweight aluminum and alloy steel construction

Product warranty

This lightweight squat-assist Row-N-Ride comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty for all its parts.

About the brand

Sunny Health & Fitness is a Los Angeles and Xiamen-based distributor and importer of fitness equipment. The company supplies health and fitness products worldwide and has a decade’s worth of experience with catering to fitness enthusiasts of all levels. They offer far more competitive pricing and access to a vast network of manufacturers dealing in all kinds of workout equipment.

Small Rowing Machine

If you have limited space in your home gym, then the Stamina 35-1215 Orbital Rowing Machine with Free Motion Arms (Amazon) should be your go-to option because it only measures 48 inches in length, with a 32.5-inch width and 27.75-inch height.

Despite the small size, this unit actually gives you a full range of rowing motion that is very similar to the real movement when rowing on water.

However, with its small size, the machine is designed to handle a maximum weight limit of 250 pounds and if you fall within this category, then you will have a thick, padded seat plus pivoting footplates for comfortable use.


  • Hydraulic cylinder resistance with adjustable tension controls.
  • Single-button display for showing the distance, time, row count, speed and other performance metrics.
  • Aluminum construction with ball bearing rollers.
  • Compact and lightweight (weighs only 47 pounds).
  • Easy to assemble and has folding arms for compact storage.

Stamina is well-known for making affordable, compact, and effective indoor rowing machines and this one is no different. To give you an even better deal, the product is backed by a 5-year warranty on the frame and 90 days on other parts.

Quiet Rowing Machine for Apartment

The Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine with LCD Monitor SF-RW5515. (Amazon) This rowing machine is designed for quiet use when rowing, and this is due to its magnetic tensioning system, which gives a smooth and silent performance across 8 different tension adjustment levels.

The SF-RW5515 machine requires assembly before use and once set up, it measures 82 x 19 x 23 inches but can be folded to take up a smaller space during storage. Because it is quite large in size, transportation wheels are built-in for easy movement around your gym’s floor space.

However, for you to use this unit, you must be below its maximum weight limit of 250 pounds. On the bright side, comfort and ease of use are included in the machine’s design, with features such as a well-padded seat, non-slip handles, and non-slip foot pedals.


  • A magnetic tensioning system with 8 tension levels.
  • LCD screen for showing performance metrics such as row count, time, etc. for tracking your fitness goals.
  • Foam grip handlebars.
  • Large, non-slip foot pedals.
  • Built-in wheels for easy movement.
  • Foldable for easy storage.

That said, you also get a 3-year warranty on the frame and 90 days on the parts, and coming from a brand that has been in the business for over 15 years, you can be assured of a high-quality investment if you choose this rowing machine.

Gym Quality Rowing Machine

The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine  (Amazon) is a low impact rowing machine that is designed to engage core, leg, arm and other major muscles in your body so as to burn a lot of calories in a smooth motion.
On its design, the unit has an ergonomic handle for easy use, adjustable footrests, and a 14-inch seat height. Therefore, whether you are short or tall, these features make it compatible with most users, but it has a maximum weight limit of 500 pounds.

With a split structure, the Model D is very easy to store, and also very easy to assemble back to its full size before you begin your workout. That said, the machine measures 8 x 2 feet when fully assembled, and requires about 9 x 4 feet of floor space for proper use.


  • Air resistance flywheel.
  • 1-10 level damper airflow control.
  • Backlit LCD display.
  • It self-calibrates on every stroke for comparable workout progress data.
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ compatibility for apps and heart rate monitoring.
  • Aluminum and steel construction.
  • Low noise.

With all these features, you get a 5-year warranty on the frame and 2 years on all other parts. Coming from a highly reputable brand that has been in the business for over 40 years, this commercial-grade rowing machine will enable you to tone your muscles for a long time due to its high-quality build.

Quietest Rowing Machine

If you’ve ever wanted to work out with professional athletes and world-class trainers, this Hydrow rower gives you the opportunity to do just that from the comfort of your living space. It is a special type of rower that has been re-engineered to simulate the feeling of rowing on water. The immersive experience it offers in terms of scenery, guidance, and rowing resistance makes it ideal for beginners who have never rowed before and would like to get an idea of how it feels.


When operational, the rower stands at 86 inches long by 25 inches wide by 47 inches high. It shrinks down to a compact 25 inches wide by 33 inches deep by 86 inches high when packed away in the upright storage kit, which allows you to store it vertically.

Product description

  • 22-inch high-def touchscreen display with front-facing speakers
  • Patented electromagnetic drag mechanism simulates the feeling of rowing in water and can be computer-controlled
  • Features an industrial-grade webbed polyester strap that quiets each stroke and makes it smooth
  • Comes equipped with an ergonomic 10-roller seat with precision cushioning for enhanced comfort during workouts
  • Easy to move around and store upright thanks to the front-mounted wheels on its upright storage case
  • Can hold up to 375 lbs
  • Features a low-stress ergonomic grip design
  • Foot placement is adjustable.
  • Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 for compatibility with auxiliary audio and fitness equipment like heart rate monitors
  • The monitor can be folded to make it easier to store
  • The frame is built from aluminum and steel, while the body is made from flat anthracite polymer.
  • The monitor is adjustable by 15 degrees to optimize the viewing angle.

Product warranty

Hydrow provides a home use warranty at no additional cost. The structural frame and storage kit are covered by a 5-year warranty, whereas all the components, including the screen and other electronics, get a 12-month warranty. The manufacturer also offers a 12-month warranty for labor.

About the brand

Hydrow is a brand that focuses on creating rowers that provide a realistic and immersive experience. By re-engineering their rowers, the company has created a challenging but smooth rowing experience complete with guided lessons and adjustable components to make it more approachable to newbies and as challenging as possible for advanced rowers. Hydrow was founded by Bruce, a professional rower who imparts his skill and knowledge into the creation and functionality of the rower.

Foldable Rowing Machine

Anyone looking for guided training when it comes to rowing exercises should ideally get a machine that’s iFit compatible. Enter the Nordic Track Rower RW900, a simple rower that allows users to experience guided rowing sessions complete with real-life scenery and clear instructions from a coach. This is the ideal rower for beginners who are looking to get the hang of things and gain insight from professional rowers.


The rower measures 86.5 inches long by 22 inches wide by 50.4 inches high. Even though it’s sizeable, it’s still portable thanks to its front-mounted transport wheels.

Product description

  • Equipped with two forms of resistance: quiet magnetic resistance and manually adjustable air resistance, which can be used alternatively or in combination
  • Comes with a huge 22-inch smart rotating touchscreen display
  • Features oversized pedals with adjustable quick-release foot straps
  • Compact space-saving design
  • Front-mounted transport wheels
  • Comes with a 1-year membership for iFit Family
  • Allows users to stream classes with personal trainers
  • Trainers can automatically adjust your resistance.
  • Offers 26 levels of digital resistance
  • Has a maximum user capacity of 250 lbs

Product warranty

This rower is thoroughly covered by a 15-year warranty for the frame, a 5-year warranty for the parts, and a 2-year labor warranty.

About the brand

Nordic Track is an innovative fitness brand that consistently pushes the boundaries of technology with its advanced equipment designs and features. They’re currently one of the few brands making iFit-ready machinery, which is re-defining home workouts as people have access to live classes and scenery from real coaches and trainers. They make rowers, fitness bikes, ellipticals, and treadmills, all with the same high level of connectivity to allow exercise enthusiasts access to a whole community of experts and participants.

Best Magnetic Indoor Rowing Machine

Anyone looking for a rower that’s simple to use yet powerful enough to inspire significant weight loss should look into this option. The Echelon Rower is a great option for different environments, including at home or the office, since it’s super quiet and small enough for tight spaces. Setting it up is a fairly easy process as well, so this piece of equipment is ideal for everyone looking to stay fit at home.


It measures 84.65 inches by 20.47 inches by 43.7 inches. Weighing in at 120 pounds, this compact rower is a little on the heavy side.

Product description

  • Equipped with on-demand studio instructions, which are updated daily
  • Users can access live classes from instructors on Echelon.
  • Comfortable seat design promotes optimum rowing posture.
  • Scenic rides available on-demand via the display
  • Offers up to 32 levels of resistance
  • Resistance controls placed on handlebars for easy access
  • Conveniently folds to fit small spaces.
  • Comes with a device holder that swivels 90 degrees and flips at 180 degrees
  • Folds upright to take the least amount of space while storing.
  • Equipped with licensed music
  • Comes with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee and a product warranty

Product warranty

The rower comes with a 12-month limited warranty for parts and labor.

About the brand

Echelon started out with a focus on improving home fitness alternatives. The brand has become known for providing full-body fitness solutions in the form of high-quality workout equipment at affordable prices. Echelon also supplies very innovative fitness mirrors as well as workout gear such as heart rate monitors and equipment like fitness bikes, treadmills, and smart rowers.

Indoor Water Rowing Machine

Mr. Captain Rowing Machine is designed for first-time rowers looking for equipment that’s solid, easy to use, and affordable. It checks all three boxes and adds bonuses like excellent construction, a beautiful oak finish, and a therapeutic water pump, making it the ideal option for anyone who needs a rower that’s easy to use, easy to adjust, and quiet as a sleeping baby.


Mr. Captain measures 84 inches lengthwise, 20 inches wide, and is 22 inches high. It is designed to be stored upright, and moving the heavy oak structure around the room is made easier by the inclusion of wheels at the base.

Product description

  • Targets 84% of body muscles and crucial joints such as the knee and elbows
  • The low-impact displacement model is easy to master but can be adjusted to provide a bigger challenge.
  • It makes very little noise—most users mention only the swishing sound of water in the pump.
  • It is equipped with a Bluetooth monitor with three modes: manual, interval custom, and target.
  • It has a maximum weight capacity of 320 lbs.
  • Uses water resistance
  • The surface can be maintained using wood wax or oil.
  • The non-slip footplate is easy to adjust and suitable for feet of different sizes.
  • Features an ergonomic 3D seat that’s impact-resistant and comfortable
  • Has a movable pulley that makes it more portable
  • Made from premium natural oak

Product warranty

The oak frame of the rowing machine comes with a 12-month warranty, while the rest of the components, including repair and replacement parts, are covered by a 180-day workmanship warranty.

About the brand

The Mr. Captain brand exclusively deals in oak-built rowers that are aesthetically pleasing for home use and easy enough to master, even for beginners. The company dedicates all its resources towards the innovation of their elegant, state-of-the-art rower, and along with excellent customer service, they offer a wide range of services for fixing or replacing worn-out parts on their rowers.

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