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Should You Buy A Mini Trampoline For Your Upstairs Apartment?

Are you nervous about buying a mini-trampoline rebounder for your home gym because you may live in an apartment and have downstairs neighbors who like to complain about anything they can? Will they be able to hear your new mini trampoline and complain to the landlord?

So should you buy a mini trampoline for your upstairs apartment? Yes, you should. We recommend buying bungee cord mini trampolines because they are much quieter while jumping than spring trampolines.

This article will answer all of your mini trampoline questions, compare spring mini trampolines with bungee cord trampolines, offer equipment recommendations, and educate you on the benefits that mini trampolines provide for the body.

So let’s begin.

Do Mini Trampolines Make Noise?

A well-maintained, high-quality trampoline rebounder such as a bungee cord trampoline should not make noise. But whenever a trampoline does make noise, that’s because either the base of the trampoline is not stable enough or the springs and support system aren’t well-lubricated.

The amount of noise that a mini trampoline makes depends on the materials from which it is made. This includes the springs, the mat, and the legs.

  1. The noisiest part of a trampoline is usually the springs. If the springs are made of metal or the trampoline is old and rusty, then the mini-trampoline will be more prone to making noises that your apartment neighbors will not want to hear.
  2. The mat would be the second most noisy component of your mini-trampoline. Before you buy one, make sure that the material of which the mat is made is not a material that will make any squeaking of rustling noise.
  3. Lastly, the legs of the mini trampoline are another cause of noisy equipment. Noise can source from the legs being loosely bolted to the body of the trampoline, or if the legs do not include rubber feet, the legs can easily slide around or lift off of the floor from bouncing too hard.

A Bungee Cord trampoline is one we may want to opt for. Cords, instead of springs, connect the trampoline’s mat to its rim. This eliminates any chance of metallic squeaks. A well-made Bungee Cord trampoline will sit evenly on the floor, thus avoiding any floor impact.

The Upsides of Spring Trampolines

  • Firmer bounce: If you don’t like to bounce on a mini-trampoline for the height benefits, the spring trampoline is great for those who prefer to “jog” while bouncing. This is more easily done on this type of equipment due to the fact that the suspension is usually shorter than bungee cord trampolines.
  • Cheaper: One other benefit of buying a spring trampoline is that they are usually cheaper than bungee cord trampolines.

The Downsides Of Spring Trampolines

  • Shorter suspension: As I said earlier, spring mini trampolines usually feature shorter suspensions than bungee cord trampolines. This is bad news to those who don’t want to “jog” n the trampoline but would rather rebound instead. Spring trampolines are harder on your joints due to less shock absorbency, so that you may be a little sore and stiff after a hard workout atop one of these.
  • Rust: Springs are prone to rust after long periods, in damp climates, or if left outside exposed to the elements. Most people find that they must replace their springs or the entire trampoline. In some cases, springs can rust and need replacing frequently,
  • Cheap: Cheaper does not mean a bargain. If you don’t invest in a good quality metal spring trampoline, you may pay more for your equipment in the long run.
  • Noisy: The springs can be noisy, especially after a certain amount of time. This is not ideal if you live in an apartment surrounded by neighbors, and it is also just plain annoying.

Why Bungee Cord Trampolines Are Better

Bungee cord mini trampolines are significantly better than spring trampolines for both obvious and not-so-obvious reasons. First off, these trampolines are made with strong bungee cords that are secured around the frame, circling the circumference of the trampoline. Bungee cords provide a silent bounce that won’t disturb or annoy your neighbors.

They also support a safer bounce and protect your joints and ligaments from stress and damage as you bounce for a more enjoyable and effective workout. One last benefit of purchasing and using a bungee cord mini trampoline is their sturdiness is unmatched by spring trampolines. More sturdy equipment means working out harder without damaging yourself or your trampoline.

Best Mini-Trampoline For An Apartment: JumpSport 350 Pro

I highly recommend the JumpSport 350 Pro if you are in the market to buy an indoor mini-trampoline. The compact body, sleek design, and quality of the product are just a few of the perks of buying this bungee cord mini-trampolines. You can easily put it together and set it up in your apartment.

On the flip side, you can disassemble it quickly, transport it in the back of your car, and take it with you anywhere that’s mini trampoline friendly. The most valuable feature of this equipment has to be the EnduroLast-4 cords that make rebounding smooth and effortless while completely diminishing the squeaky spring sound that is so often associated with trampolines.

JumpSport 350 Pro Features:

Let me share with you some of the features of the JumpSport 350 Pro and everything it includes:

  • Comfortable and Roomy Mat: The mat on the JumpSport 350 Pro is circular and measures a nice 32.5 inches (915 square inches) in diameter. The mat is made from a premium Permatron material and skirted by 4 inches of mat that keeps your feet from getting stuck in the cord springs.
  • Sturdy and Secure: Arched legs fitted with rubber feet for study and safe bouncing. The trampoline will never slide around the floor as you bounce. The cords are attached to a metal frame bent and fitted to curve around the mat in a beautiful design that won’t bend or snap as you jump.
  • Adjustable Cords: Silent bouncing thanks to 36 quality EnduroLast cords. These cords are adjustable in order to change the firmness of the mat, as well as the height at which your body will bounce. The cords will never snap and are highly shock-absorbent, so your joints won’t feel the bounce.

Best Foldable Mini Trampoline: JumpSport 350F Folding Trampoline

If you prefer mini trampolines that fold, then I highly recommend Jumpsport 350F. Model 350F folding mini trampoline is ideal for people working out at the office, studio, apartment, or tiny home. An all-in-one, at-home rebounder with convenient storage for small spaces

JumpSport 350F Folding Trampoline Features:

  • Large Jumping Surface: Take advantage of our extended mat 4” Skirt that provides 915 sq in of bouncing surface.
  • Patented Arched Legs: Provide a more stable base, making it almost impossible to tip the rebounder during use.
  • Folding design: Permits easy portability and out-of-sight storage.
  • Patented hinge: Provides a rock-steady, no-wobble platform when engaged.

What Ceiling Height Is Needed For Mini Trampolines?

The ceilings of average apartment rooms are about 8 feet high. According to an article done by Weight Watchers, the most ceiling clearance you need for a mini trampoline is 7 feet.

Of course, if you are a person whose standing height is six feet or more and plan on rebounding at your highest maximum jump height, you may need to consider setting up your minitrampoline in rooms with higher ceilings. A ceiling height of 9 feet or more is ideal, which can be found in entryways or living rooms in many homes.

If your house just doesn’t have the required ceiling space, set up your mini trampoline outside for your rebounding workout. This would also work perfectly if you lived in an apartment with a rooftop garden or a balcony.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Mini Trampoline?

Mini trampolines are beneficial for a plethora of reasons and are helpful for both your body and your atmosphere. Firstly, mini trampolines are ideal if you live in an apartment. Jumping up and down on the bare floor and landing with thuds are a sure way to get annoyed calls from your neighbors. Mini trampolines are also superb if you can’t get outside for your workout or if you live in a colder climate and must train indoors.

Rebounding on a trampoline is beneficial for your body, more specifically for your skeletal and lymphatic systems. For the skeletal system is beneficial for growth and maintaining bone strength by placing stress on the body’s skeletal frame. As for the lymphatic system, it runs vertically through the body, with its central hub being the heart. The lymphatic system carries bacteria and harmful fluid out of the body and helps support the immune system. Jumping up and down helps get the system to circulate around the body and clear out the bad elements.

Lastly, mini trampolines support balance and encourage healthy weight loss. Trampolines help keep the heart rate high and cause good sweat, simultaneously burning fat and calories. If you want a good workout with high or low-intensity options, the mini trampoline is just the thing for you.

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